Below are pictures of my sire, Andy.  He is about 10 lbs now as an adult.  These are some pictures taken
when he was   a puppy.  Such an adorable little guy!  He still is adorable.  Just a little bigger.
Below are Andy's pedigree and the pedigrees of his parents.  His parents
were imported from Hungary.   Andy has 15 champions in 5 generations!
Havanese puppies available near Los
Angeles, California.
The little Havanese pictured below is Andy's littermate.
Below is Andy all grown up.  He weighs about 10 lbs.  Such a happy little guy!
Andy and Sylvia
Wiyum's Feel the Bern  (Bernie) is my new, wonderful sire.  
He is young, healthy, beautiful and loves the ladies!!!  
Perfect combination for a delightful little man!!
Bernie's 4 generation AKC pedigree
Below are puppy pictures of Bernie and his sister: