I  have Havanese puppies available in
Riverside County, Caifornia.
Pictured below is my adorable Sylvia Snowflake.  What a little doll!  Pure
white with a hint of champagne coloring.
She has a brother who looked a lot like Andy (mostly black) and another
brother who was a
tan and white parti.
The two puppies below are Sylvia's littermates.
Below is Sylvia's pedigree.  21 champions in 5 generations!
Below are the pedigrees of Sylvia's parents.  Lots of champions!!
Below are copies of Diva parent's 3 generation AKC pedigrees.  Her
dad was champion sired.
Below is Diva's 5 generation pedigree.  Lots of champions
on her dad's side including her champion sired dad!
Pictured below is Wiyum's Super Star.  We call her Diva.   Diva is a beautiful Dark chocolate and white parti.  She is a
little laid back.  Very sweet, loving, shy little girl.  She is a very devoted and protective mom to her puppies.    
Below are pictures of identical white daughters born to Sylvia and Andy.  They share the same incredible champion bloodlines of
their parents and are just as sweet and beautiful as Sylvia and Andy.  Their names are Nike, Goddess of Victory, and Juno, Sky
Goddess, Queen of the Gods.  The first pictures are at just one day old.  The 2nd row of pictures are at 3 and 4 weeks old.  The 3rd
row are at 7 and 9 weeks old and the 4th row are pictures of them all grown up!
Below are Silver Chantilly Lace (Tilly) and Black Chantilly Lace (Lacy).  They are full sisters to Nike and Juno and their parents are Silvia and Andy.  They also share
Silvia's and Andy's impressive champion pedigrees.  Juno and Nike are twin pure white twin sisters who look just like mom, Sylvia.  Tilly and Lacy are twin sisters
who look just like their dad, Andy.