Hello Nancy I just wanted you to know Gino and I are
doing good, he is a happy loveable little guy! My son
just loves him. Thank you for introducing him to us.  
He has brought some joy to us when we had no
reason to have joy after the loss of my older son in
Afganistan.  I will keep you updated on him and send
pictures!! He is just a love, and again Thank you so
very much!  Tammie, Calif
(Gino is the beautiful chocolate parti son of MaryJane
and Andy).
Havanese puppies available in
southern California, Riverside County.
Hi Nancy
Kaya is doing great, really sweet and everyone loves
her! I will send you some recent pictures:-))
Simone, Culver City, California.  
Kaya is MaryJane and Andy's baby
girl.  Beautiful little chocolate parti

Nancy,  Here are some pictures of Bradie at her graduation from puppy
preschool.  We love her and could not be more happy with her temperament.  
Bradie is sweet, loving and bonded to our family.
She weighs 10 pounds. I have more pictures on my phone which I will try to send
you.  We can not imagine life without her.  
Thanks for sharing her with us. Best, Tricia, San Diego, Calif.  (Bradie is the
beautiful cream daughter of Andy and MaryJane)
White Chocolate Mocha (Atticus) is
Andy and MaryJane's baby boy.
Gorgeous pure white male with a
little chocolate nose!

HI Nancy,  We made it home and he is doing great.  He is a little shy, which is to be
expected.  He’s settled down and I am ready to head to bed!  He is such a cutie, love the
eyes.  I think I will start pulling his hair up for showing, so we can see those cute eyes.  
He looks like my friends Coton de Tulear with a brown nose!  Uncanny, the resemblance.  
I will let you know what the Akc and 4 H handlers say about show prospects!
I went ahead and did his registration tonight, and it went through with no problems!
Thanks so much, I will keep in touch about how he is doing.
We named him White Chocolate Mocha, and are going to give him the call name, ‘Atticus’
for our favorite coffee shop in town!  Atticus Coffee Co.
Thanks, Julie, Spokane, Washington.

Hi, Again,  He is such a sweet dog,  he's still checking things out and a little timid,  but
he's starting to wag his tail and smile at us tonight. I think he is going to fit in great.
Jannah loves him already.  He is so handsome.
We loveeeee him!  He is beautiful and so curious and sweet. My husband says he's a
beautiful dog,  loves his green eyes.
He's going to fit in just fine. Thanks again!  Julie, Spokane, Wa.

Hi mama :)
I'm doing great!  Jannah put a blue bow in my hair and loves to brush me. (I got it out
twice,  but she seems to think i look cute that way!)  She has a special bed for me in her
room and lots of toys,  but she let me sleep in her bed two nights in a row;)   I haven't had
any accidents.   They all love me,  and my new daddy says I have beautiful eyes. Today I
have been playing more and feel really comfortable.
I'm really happy here!   Love, Atticus,  Spokane, Wa

HI Nancy,
Thanks so much for Atticus' baby pictures!  It was great chatting with you too.  We love
little Atticus and he is such a great little dog, so loving and sweet.  Today we had the
chance to meet with a professional handler that was in class.  Our daughter has had so
much fun bonding with him and doing the fun matches for 4-H that we are happy she is
experiencing it.   Thanks for touching base,  Julie, Spokane, Wa.
Tango is Andy and MaryJane's  
baby boy. Adorable tiny pure white
male wih a little black nose.  
Hi Nancy,
He's a dream!  We named him
Tango. We're away for the
weekend but will send you pics
shortly.  Thanks!  Jennifer, Irvine,
Here's some cute pics of Tango.
He's constantly happy, rarely
barks, and is full of tricks and fun.  
The best dog ever!
Jennifer, Irvine, Calif.
Elroy is Andy and MaryJane's baby boy.   Beaufitul black boy with white markings.  He
lives with Holly and Michael in Hermoca, Beach, Calif.

Hi Nancy,  Thank you so much for having us in your home today to meet
your beautiful family of Havanese.  It was very much a pleasure for us.
Here are the pictures we took :-)
We are going to name him "Banjo".  I hope you like the name somewhat ?
We have purchased a little soft puppy blanket for him and if it's ok with you
we will mail it to you in a couple of weeks for him to use with his litter-mates
so he has some familiar smells to take home with him.  If it's possible though
please keep the cat away from it as we are allergic to cats.
Anyway, we are very excited !!!
Thank you again.   
Heather plus Olivia, Becky, and my husband Chris (whom you will meet
when we pick Banjo up on September 2nd).  Anaheim, Calif.

(Banjo is the son of Sally and Andy. Adorable black male with white
Hi Nancy,
Sorry for the delay! Elroy is doing great!  He is  full grown now and around 11
pounds. He has a great demeanor and gets along great with children other dogs and
loves people! Unfortunately he doesn't photograph very well, being he has such dark
hair and eyes, but he is very cute! Photos below!
Thanks again,  Holly, Hermoca Beach, Calif.
Nancy,  Thank you for taking the time out for us today and letting us meet
the puppies....they are all so very cute, we are happy with the choice we
made and cant wait to bring him home...Oh my gosh he is soooo cute...Oh
and we decided to call him Bentley!!!  .See you in a few weeks.  John,
Silvana, Juliana, & Tara, Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca.

Hi Nancy,  Thank you so much for your time on Saturday.  We all
enjoyed hanging out with you and Banjo.  The girls can't stop talking
about him!  Heather and family, Anaheim, Ca.
Nancy,  Here is a picture of our Shelby girl.   She is a doll.   I took this
picture yesterday.   Will send more.  Donna & Carol, Santa Rosa, Calif.
Sally and Andy's
adorable  silver sable

Hey Nancy, wanted to let you know we have Remi and he is adorable!
He is fine,   went outside to potty ran around and loves my white yorkie.
CUTE as a bugs ear !  He is !  He is doing so good. Loves to play with
our parti yorkie male they wrestle all the time.  This is what he does
constantly.  LOL. It is so funny!  He wrestles with our parti yorkie all the
time  and bites his tail and drags him around.
The whole time Doughboy barks at us! It is so funny !
Thank you, Questa,  Central Point, Oregon.

Remi is the son of MaryJane and Andy.  Beautiful tri-colored male.
Bentley is the son of MaryJane and Andy.  Beautiful Chocolate parti male.

Hi Nancy,  We are really enjoying
Banjo and his naughty puppy ways. :-)
He's been a fantastic dog right from
the beginning.  We never had a
problem with him crying at night time -
not even the first night.  We would tell
him good night and not hear another
thing from him until we went downstairs
to greet him in the morning, where he
would be wagging his little tail off when
he saw us.  He's super intelligent and
very very cute.  Thank you for such a
wonderful puppy!!
I've been trying to get you some video
of him but it's difficult because he is
such a moving target, but this one is
somewhat ok.  He's about 12 weeks in
this video.
I have another shorter video I'll send in
another email to follow.
I hope everything is going well for you
and your family.  Best regards,
Heather & family,  Anaheim, Calif.
Click on the two links below to see Banjo!
Hi Nancy,  I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you
how much I love Bodhi (that was the name we decided
on!)  He is such a happy little boy!  He is  9 lbs now!
Hope you have a very happy holiday season!!
Nancy, Huntington Beach, Ca.
(Bodhi is the son of MaryJane and Andy.  Beautiful
Chocolate parti!)
Merry Christmas Nancy!!!!  Just wanted to share
some recent pictures we took for our Christmas
card!!! We are thoroughly enjoying Bentley he is
so funny and a little "spitfire" but has become
part of our family... Hope you have a wonderful
holiday and a happy 2014
Regards,  John, Silvana, Juliana, Tara &  Bently,
Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.
(Bently is the son of MaryJane and Andy.  
Beautiful little chocolate parti boy!)
Hello Nancy,   Hope you had a nice Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of the puppy (we named him "Dodger").  
He is so cute and active.  We're obviously working on the potty-training but he
isn't doing too badly so far.  My daughter, Lindsey, absolutely loves him and so
does Kelly (my wife) ...as well as the boys.  You were so right about them bonding
with girls.  He loves the girls in our family!  Thanks again for everything and we
will keep you posted!     Thank You..., Larry, Brea, Calif.

(Dodger is the beautiful little son of Sylvia and Andy.  Black with white markings).
Lindsey is severely allergic to dogs.  She asked her dad if she would still be allergic to dogs in heaven!  This
began a search for the perfect, hypoallergenic puppy for Lindsey.  She got Dodger for Christmas and this
picture illustrates what a perfect match Lindsey and Dodger are!
Hello Nancy,
Just wanted to share
another photo of
Dodger.  This is a
picture of him after his
first grooming-  we got
that done at the vet
when he went in for his
second set of shots.

He is such a sweet
puppy and he is
growing!  Still working
on the potty training,
but he shows signs of
coming around.  Our
family just loves him,
and we can't thank you
enough once again for
giving us the
opportunity to get him
from you.  

Thank You...
Larry, Brea, Ca.
Hi Nancy.  Thank you so much for our wonderful
new puppy.  We named him Dodger.  He plays so
cute with our female Havanese, Lacy.  Pictures
coming soon.  Ben, Syracuse, Utah
Dodger is the son
of Sally and
Andy.  Stunning
little white male
Havanese with a
hint of cream

Hi Nancy,
Esmeralda is here!!
She ate some
yogurt and is now
sleeping  on my  lap
heading home.
Beverly, New Jersey
Hi Nancy,   We are having fun with Coco & he is
an amazing little boy.  Everybody loves his
charming character.  Thanks again for our new
addition in our family.
Regards,  Lydia, La Habra, Ca.
Coco is a delightful little chocolate parti
male.  He is the son of Sally and Andy.
Bogart arrived safe and sound and adorable... Will
send pics, Thank you, Nancy, Ruta, Anchorage, Alaska

Thank you Nancy!

Dear Nancy, Just a quick note to let you know that
Bogart is a tremendous addition to our family. What an
amazing puppy! A real love-button and loves to cuddle!
All is well. Will send pic of family together soon. We are
very,very happy.
Ruta, Anchorage, Alaska

Hi Nancy, Have not been able to get a good 'family'
shot but able to capture Bogart's cuteness this
afternoon with my hubby. We totally adore him and he
loves everybody and everything. Not shy at all but very
respectful. So in love, thank you.
Ruta, Anchorage, Alaska

Bogart is amazing and getting along with
everything/body. We took him to puppy playtime
yesterday. At first he was cautious with all the other
dogs but soon stole the puppy-play show. Everyone
wanted to know about him Nancy. I am giving your
website/name freely of course.
Best and thank you, Ruta, Anchorage, Alaska

Hi Nancy, Just a quick note to let you know that Bogart
is doing incredibly well. We love this little guy soooooo
much. He is spunky yet respectful. A lot of fun.
I have not sent you any updates because I suffered a
knee fracture and required surgery. This happened at
the dog park of all places! Large dogs playing into my
knee with force...
Luckily, bogart is not suffering any neglect due to my
accident. My whole family is committed to his
upbringing and socialization. He is now  almost 6 lbs!
Eating well and we are working on the house breaking
which is the biggest challenge with me on crutches. But
we will get there.
I will send updated photos soon. He is a beauty and his
facial markings make him look like he is always 'happy'.
Hope you are well,
Ruta, Anchorage, Alaska
Bogart is an adorable little  black and white parti male.  Son of Andy and MaryJane.
Good Morning, Nancy,  Baxter did very well at night...slept in
the room with Jackson and I. He woke up to play and then
went to sleep...no barking.  He's a little hefty fella. :-) He is
eating and drinking well. Jackson read to him last night. He
sat and listened well.   Carmen,Moreno Valley, Calif.
Baxter is the son of MaryJane and Andy.  Adorable little black
boy with white markings.
Another note from Carmen in Moreno Valley, Calif.
Baxter is a wonderfully intelligent loving fun-loving dog. That's
exactly what I wanted for my son, Jackson. Thank you. If I had
$1200 I'd buy a girl today! I bought a toy for him and he figured
out where the treat was in minutes! The box promised hours of
I absolutely want another puppy! Baxter is such a pleasure. I
researched Shih tzus, Bolognese (impossible to find), Lhasa
apsa, pugs, Maltese-everything! But there was a deal breaker I
read about with each one. So back to the Havanese I go. I will
have the bank cut a check for a deposit on a female. I take at
least 2 weeks vacations during Christmas, & Summer. Either
time would be good to receive a new pup....
Sorry it took me awhile to respond to
you. It has been so busy with my work
and personal stuff. My little Otello is
well adjusted now here in San
Francisco. Tosca has developed a
very nice bond and playful connection
with Otello. They are now two peas in a
pod and I couldn’t be happier. My little
opera stars are just doing so well and
getting along with each other. Otello
has a great appetite and really doing
so much better now with his potty
training. I have trained him now to use
the Weewee pad and we are on a long
streak of good days lately. No accident
to speak off as of 7 days ago. I have
attached some photos of Otello that I
took today. There is also a picture of
my lovely stars together.
Thank you so much for giving us
Otello. We are forever changed by him.
Dody, San Francisco, Calif.

Otello is the precious son of Andy and
Sallh.  He is an adorable little black
boy with a white chin.
Jackson and Baxter
They look like two tiny men chatting!
Hi Nancy,
No carsickness. Came home,
ate like a marine, and made a
poop. Ate again late. This
a.m. doing well. Roti and
Doubles playing follow the
leader. Getting along well. We
are all in love. Maria,
Palmdale, Calif
Doubles is pictured on the left
with his beautiful new family
member.  She is the adorable
daughter of Sylvia and Andy.
Pure, bright white with a few
black markings.  
Hi Nancy,
We got home around 3pm. Lucky was a good boy - no issues
at all during the drive. Tried sleeping during the drive. As
soon as we got home, he did potty & peepee.
He is settling in. Loves sleeping. He played with us a little.
Doesn't seem to be very hungry, but had a little bit of water.
He had a quiet, nice sleep in the night.  Woke up around
4:30 am for peepee and went back to sleep without whining.
Will send pics soon.
Best regards, Raj, Irvine, Calif.
Hi Nancy,
No worries at all. Lucky has adjusted to his new life and is a
happy pup. As I am writing, he is eating now.  Yesterday we
took him to the Vet and he said that 'Lucky is a Healthy
"Lucky moments" from his new home
and pictures with his new parents.  He is the
son of Sylvia and Andy.  Black/white parti boy.
Hi Nancy,
Just wanted to say thanks again for our little
Sparky. He is fitting in very well with our
family.  He slept for a good portion of the trip
& was very happy to get out of the car!
-Shelly, Ridgecrest, Calif.

Sparky is pictured above.  He is the beautiful
little son of Sylvia and Andy.  Black with silver
markings.  Looks like a tiny Husky!
Baxter continues to be a spirited joy!!
Hi Nancy, Hope you are doing good. How are Lucky's siblings doing? Have they found new homes? Recently Lucky
turned 4months and I thought I will send you Lucky's latest development. Here are some pics we took today evening
when we went for a walk. He gets a lot of compliments...'oh! sooo cute...' when we take him for walks. He is still having
his shots. He's an active & naughty little fellow.  Please do keep in touch...Hi Nancy,
Hope you are doing good. Do you have any new batch? Thinking of getting Lucky a little brother.  Best regards, Raj,
Irvine, Calif.

Madi and Bogart....first day of High
School. They will miss each other for
sure. Bogart is an amazing dog and
beyond cute and smart. Bogart is
doing so well. He is so happy, happy.
We just adore his personality. Thank
you so much! He is getting plenty of
exercise and experiences.  Thank you,

Hi Nancy!  Just a quick note to let you
know that Bogart is such a wonderful
puppy. We love him to pieces. He has
such an amazing character....funny yet
respectful. At the moment he weighs in
at a little under 7 lbs. I will send a pic
when I can get a good one.
Hope all well with you in Southern
California. Praying for drought to
break. I have a son that lives in Palo
Best, Ruta, Anchorage, Alaska

Bentley is a great
dog and he is  
always up to
stealing the remote
control stealing  
shoes we never get
a quiet moment with
him unless he is
Glad to have him
as  part of the

Hi Nancy,
Just thought I would update you on this most joyful addition
to our household. Bogart is heartbreakingly cute and has
such a huge wonderful personality. He weighs just a little
over 7 lbs, maybe 71/2 tops. Healthy and happy, happy.
Thank you Nancy.
Also to let you know that we have relocated back to our
home in Castle Rock CO as of October. Bogart experienced
his first snow today and he loved it.  Ruta
Dear Nancy,
Please find attached pictures from
McLaren. Our happy little dog. She
is doing great. She is now 7.5 lbs.
We are still adjusting on the potty
training during the day. Morning
and evening are fine.
She likes to play with my son.
Obviously, I am the pack leader.
My wife likes her a lot. It is quite a
bit changing the house
atmosphere and we appreciate her
My wife was telling me that she
didn't know that I was missing a
dog presence so much. I learn
more about myself than I ever did
this year.
Anyhow, I want to wish you and
your loved ones a great Holiday
season.  Hugues, Mission Viejo, Ca.
(McLaren is an adorable little  
daughter to Chewey and Andy/.  
She is black with white markings.)
Hi Nancy
Absolutely!  We will stay in touch.  Hurley is the sweetest
little boy ever!  We all adore him.  He did great on the way
home and had so much fun with the kids last evening.  He
did whine a lot in the middle of the night...but was so
excited to see us all this morning.I'll send you pictures
soon.   He is off to puppy training camp.  We bring him home
for good on Dec. 23 just in time for his first Christmas.
Thank you for such a wonderful gift!  Merry Christmas! xo
Kelly, Pacific Palisades, Ca.  (Hurley is the beautiful
chocolate parti son of Chewey and Andy).

Hi Nancy,  Just wanted to let you know that we all love our
puppy Hurley! He's the greatest fun loving puppy ever.  He's
been well trained and is the love of our lives. So happy we
have him. Thank you.
I'm interested in purchasing a second puppy. When do you
have another litter coming? Any in March-ish? Please let me
Thanks so much. Hurley is an awesome dog and we love him
dearly.  Hope you are well.  Kelly, Pacific Palisades, Ca.
Hi!  JETT Is doing great. He's a happy little guy. :)He loves to roll over and have
his tummy rubbed. The girls asked if you would send a photo of Jett's Mom and
Dad. Do you have any pics you can send me at some point when JETT was really
little. The girls are so funny and want to make him a "baby book" Brandi, Aliso
Viejo, Ca.  (Jett is the adorable son of Andy and Sylvia.  
Nancy,  Thanks again for
your help. Henry is
already a star on social
media! If I need anything I
will be sure to be in
touch.  He's been great.
He didn't get car sick on
the way home. He did
whine a little bit before he
went to bed in his crate
but nothing major.
Regards,  Eric, Thousand
Oaks, Ca.  92545

(Henry is the delightful
son of Sally and Andy.  He
is mostly black with white
paws, chin, and chest)

Hi Nancy,
Henry got his last series
of shots for awhile today
and is a whopping 9.1 lbs!
Happy and healthy
Havanese here.
Regards,  Eric
Henry's latest:
He's a big boy now!
Hi Ms. Whitehead,
We are very happy with our dog "Happy" (see
picture attached) and would like to get one more.
Maybe a female this time. Would you please send
pictures of your available female pups? Thank you!
Moses and Anita,  Indio, Calif. (Happy is the
adorable and smart son of Chewbacca and Andy)

Hi Nancy,  We LOVE our new puppy!
Little Snowball is the sweetest little boy ever.  Very calm and loving and
so plump!
I have another friend who is interested in his sibling.  Do you have any
Havanese still available?  Or what is coming up in the next litter?  Let
me know asap.  Thanks so much.  I may have another family for you! xo,
Kelly, Pacific Palisades, Calif.  (Snowball is the gorgeous son of Sally
and Andy)
Good morning, Nancy-
I just wanted to let you know that Pippa is divine!  She is the
sweetest, easiest little puppy and we couldn’t be happier.
Will send pictures ASAP!
Best, Allegra, Pacific Palisades (Pippa is the adorable black
and white parti daughter of Sally and Andy
Infant Maui with her new family.  She will
join Terri and her family in Aliso Viejo, Calif.
when she grows up,.  Maui is the delightful
daughter of Sylvia and Andy.
Below is Maui at 7 wks old.
Hi Nancy,  Frostie ( new name :)   Is doing awesome !  He did not cry once last night, and did not potty in his crate ! I took him out side to
his spot and he went right away :) Frosty is really doing great, better then I could of hoped for. Every one loves him :)  Thanks so much !
Keith & Ann,  Moreno Valley,Calif.   Frostie is the beautiful pure white son of Sylvia and Andy.  Pictured above with his new family and
friend, Gizmo the Shiz-Tsu.
Hi Nancy,  We love our little guy so much already!!!
He traveled home very well and slept on my lap
most of the way.  I could tell his tummy was a  little
upset but we made it without needing the plastic
bag.  He was very happy and playful for the rest of
the evening and so entertaining!
It's amazing how quickly he adapted to a new place.  
He ate and drank and went potty on his potty pad
before going to bed in his crate.
He slept very well only getting up once at 3:30.  
Then he went potty on the pad, ate a little, drank a
little and went back to bed. He's such a perfect little
man....just absolutely adorable and so smart. I'll
send pictures later.  Just wanted you to know that
he's doing great and we love him to pieces!
Kind regards,  Julie and David, Beaumont, Calif.  
(Teddy is the delightful white with black markings
son of Chewy and Andy)
We got home safe and sound,  Champagne and Caviar did not get car sick at all and we
drove 2 1/2 hours. Yvette and family, Valley Glen, Calif.   
Above are pictures of Champagne and Caviar with their beautiful new owner.  Champagne
giving chase, Champagne and Caviar cuddling on the step (brotherly love) and Caviar
enjoying  a cuddle.  They are the cream and light chocoate swirl sons MaryJane and Andy.
They are doing amazing! Have brought so much love and laughter to our home!
XO,  Yvette  Look how big they have gotten, really enjoying them...Hugs,  Yvette
Anna and Elsa are doing just great. I was just wondering how
old are they when they are potty trained? They are doing good
with the potty pads!!! Thank you again we just love them!
Stacy and family, Murrieta, Ca.  Anna and Elsa are the
adorable daughters, pictured below, of Chewy and Andy.
Tango at 14 wks. is the cute little son of Chewy
and Andy.  Chocolate with black markings.  Very
unusual, adorable coloring.
Hi Nancy!  Thank you for sharing this video! It's so much fun
to see!   He's grown so much already! We've named our
adorable little guy Teddy. Naming him was a tough choice.  
We had a multitude of names thrown out there and included
our extended family (two sons and daughters in law and 2
grandchildren)  in the choice.  Teddy won out with majority
rule after everyone had met him and we all see him as a
Teddy Bear inside and out.  He seems to like the name Teddy
too as he always comes when we call it:)  I've attached a
couple photos .  He has a vet appointment on Saturday for his
shots and checkup.  He's a very happy little guy and so much
fun!  He loves to entertain and make us laugh more than
anything.  We can't imagine life without him .I wanted to ask
you too what shampoo you used on him?  I bought some at
Petco but I don't care for the smell and it didn't do a great job
cleaning him.  He smelled so good when we picked him up
from you.  I appreciate you keeping in touch!   Kind regards,  
Julie,Beaumont, Calif.
Hi Nancy, Katie is great!  She is eating good and sleeps
on my slippers!  I love her!  JoAnne, Mission Viejo,
Calif.,  (Katie is the sweet little Black with white markings
daughter of Sylvia and Andy)
Hi Nancy-
Thank you for helping us with Bandit. He is
such a sweetie. He did pretty good last
night, whimpered a bit. He's settling in
good though!!
Take care!!, Jenna and  family, Santa
Barbara, Calif.
(Bandit is the adorable little son of Diva
and Andy).
Hi Nancy,  I hope everything is going well for you and your family.  I've been wanting to send you some pics of
Banjo for a long time now.  Today's his birthday, so I'm making sure to get these to you ...He's such a wonderful
family member!  Thank you!  Heather, Anaheim, Calif.
(Banjo is the son of Sally and Andy.  Here are his birthday pictures:
Henry's first haircut!
Nancy,  All grown up! Here's three of your babies. Hurley is on the right! We
love our boy!!! Thanks for a great dog! �� kelly  (These 3 little boys live
in Pacific Palisades, Ca.  Kelly has sold 4 of my puppies to her friends!)
Hello Nancy.  This is Karina. Wanted to tell you that Laila,  that's how we named the puppy, is
doing great. She adjusted right away!  Karina, Brooklyn, N.Y.  (Laila is the adorable black and
white daughter of Andy and MaryJane.
Hi Nancy,  Mom was surprised and loves Baxter.  Bailey, my 2 yr old
Havanese, gets along great with his new brother and is
very protective.  They play great together already.  I'll be sure to send
photos this week.  Yes, we made it home with no issues!  He's a great
little boy and so proud of him.  He loves to play with Bailey's toys and
wags his tail a lot.  So precious!  We love him so much!
Great news is that Baxter  slept in his crate all night without crying until
6:15 am and went potty and poopy outside. ��
Thanks Nancy!  We can tell that Baxter was very loved by you and you
instilled the potty training so well, too.  We are so happy with our
newest member of our family!!  I can't wait for the boys to meet him.
Take care and thanks so much!  Baxter's New Mom "Sherri", Temecula,
Calif.  (Baxter is the beautiful cream son of Andy and Sylvia).
Hi Nancy,
The boys came back today and love Baxter!!  He is such a good boy and
especially loves the boys. ❤️ Thanks again, Sherri, Temecula, Calif.  
Baxter with his new family and best friends
above.  Baxter on the floor with his big brother,
Baily, in the foreground.  He is a happy puppy!
Henry's first flight!
He loves flying! He's a pro.
Hi Nancy,  just
some photos
of Bentley
taken  today.
He turned 2
years old
today. He is a
crazy little
fellow and
keeps us
busy.  He has
really become
part of our
family.  Take
care John.

Hi Nancy,  I just want to say thank you for little Bradley. He is doing really
well. Thank you for your support and encouragement. He is very loving
and affectionate and getting along great with my other dog Britney.
I am so proud of Bradley in obedience class today. He was friendly to all
the dogs in class. He would come up to them to say hello and happily
sniffs them with a wagging tail. He would go up to people and let them
pet him. Most of all he was able to learn everything the instructor wants
him to do. He is so smart. I'm so happy today. Thank you for having a
dog like Bradley.  Jose, Moreno Valley, Calif.  (Bradley is the adorable
white son of Sylvia and andy.
Hello from Henry!   
He's very photogenic!  Henry is growing up quickly!
Nancy, we hope you are well.  We have
been remiss in not updating you on Molly.  
She will be 6 months this week and is
doing just fine. Had all of her shots and
was spayed about a month ago.  Full of
energy and beautiful pure white with a
touch of pale cream on her ears.  Loves
the backyard and the grandchildren.  Has
gone to puppy classes and even made a
car trip from California to Texas and back.  
She will come, sit, stay (most of the
time)!    The vet says she is perfect!
Best regards,  
John and Gena, Oceanside, Calif.
(Molly is the beautiful pure white
daughter of MaryJane and Andy.)
Hi Nancy, Thank you for sharing the adorable pictures
of little Buster Brown. We can't wait to bring him home.
Here's few pictures that I took few weeks ago. Have a
wonderful Holiday weekend.  Iva, Los Angeles, Calif.
Buster Brown is the chocolate son of Sally and Andy.  
Here are some pictures of Buster Brown and his new
owner with his siblings at 4 wks of age.)
Hi Nancy,  We made it home fine. The little one didn't get sick
at all. He slept quite a bit during the trip. He whined a bit in
the beginning but relaxed during the last half of the trip. We
will keep you posted during the week to come. Kai hasn't
decided on a name yet.
Kai settled on naming his puppy, Hiro. He said he likes that
Hiro meaning gratefulness. He is playing the second
movement of Breval's Sonata in C Major.  Hiro loves the
music!  Best,  Francie, Santa Barbara, Calif.  (Hiro is the
adorable black and white parti son of Sally and andy)

Hi Nancy,  the puppy is adorable and my kids love him already!! How
much dry food should I start him with? Thanks again so much for
everything!  His name is Oreo!  My kids love him and he is really
happy with them.  Tami, Tarzana, Calif.  (Oreo is the beautiful black
and white parti son of Sally and Andy).
Hi! Lizzy is so sweet! She is
doing great! Perfect
addition to our family!
Thank you again!  Lisa,
Aliso Viejo, Calif.  (Lizzy is
the adorable black with
white markings, daughter
of Sally and Andy.
Hi Nancy,  Little Buster got home safely. He was really good in the car, didn't sleep much and didn't get sick. When we got out of the car he went to pee
outside. That was around 2:15. After that we gave him food and water and he ate a little bit around 2:30 and again around 3:30, slept a little a was just
exploring his new environment. We tried to take him out to the grassy area several times during the day, but he didn't go potty at all (outside or inside). I
know this is a big change for him, but should we be worried. We are going to feed him again and try to take him out to potty. Any other suggestions? Right
now he is in his pen, but he is being very mellow and showing no intention of going potty. Thanks again. Iva
Hi Nancy,  Just wanted to give you a little update about Buster. He is doing great at night. Sleeps thru the night in his crate in Ella's room and doesn't
whine. He is also doing good with potty training. I'm taking him outside every 3 hrs during the day and he rarely has any accidents  He is very playful and
loves to chew on his toys. He is really easy going,  and loves to chill in his pen. He definitely in love with Ella. They have really bonded.
I'm taking him for his shots this morning. He is now walking well on leash. Thanks, again, Iva. Los Angeles, Calif.
Up-date on Buster:
Buster is doing great. He is really easy going and is almost potty trained. He likes other
dogs and is taking his puppy class every Sunday. He is growing and loves to eat and is
a happy little guy. I will send you few new pictures. I think he will be very happy to play
wit his brother, Bamse,soon.  Iva, Los Angeles, Calif.
Hi Nancy Bamse is
doing great. Eating
good and very
playful. He is very
attached to me.
Doing great with
potty training. .
Can't wait to reunite
him and Buster :)  
We love him very
much!  Thanks!  
Anait, West
Hollywood, Calif.
(Bamse is the
adorable black with
white markings son
of Sally and Andy
and is Buster's
brother.  They are
Hi!  How are you doing? Bamse is doing great. He
and buster are best friends and see each other
almost every day. We take them to a park close to
here where they can run around unleashed and
play. It's so fun to see Bamse interact with other
dogs. Below are some pictures of Bamse. Let me
know if you got them :)  Anait, West Hollywood, Ca.
Brothers, Bamse and Buster, are reunited.  They are now
neighbors and live in West Hollywood, Ca.  They each live
with beautiful little girls who go to school together and play
together.  Parents are Andy and Sally.

Thank you again for our new baby, Hadley. She saw the vet
today and he said she's just perfect! She had a great first
day at home.  My girls just love her! Here are some pictures!
Our other two dogs are still adjusting but Hadley approaches
them to play often so I'm sure they will all be friends soon. I
will also add a picture of them.  You're so sweet I'm so glad
we found you and you led us to her! God bless!!   Elizabeth,  
Yorba Linda, Calif.  (Hadley is the beautiful black and white
parti daughter of Chewy and Andy
Hadley's new
sisters cautiously
watching Hadley
from above!
Hi Nancy:  Just wanted to tell you the trip
home was fine.  A little drooling but no car
sickness whatsoever.  I think Bandit will
eventually be "Cooper".  He is just such a
beautiful dog.  We'll never be able to thank
you enough.  We recently went to a dog
show and Cooper is more beautiful than
any of the show dogs!  Jan, Lake Forest,
Calif.  (Cooper is the beautiful black and
white parti son of Chewy and Andy.)
Nancy, So pleased to visit today! Love our little
Elle.  Roy and Randy, Indio, Calif.  (Elle is the tiny,
adorable black/silver daughter of Sylvia and Andy).
Hi Nancy,Here's a picture of Avalon at 8 months  She is turning into a
Beauty! She still has white markings and streaks of brown throughout her
coat (Havana Brown?)  She was crate trained in 2 days but also has the
entire kitchen when I'm not here!  She is paper/outdoor trained and a "wild
woman" at times! She really is a finicky eater but loves Wellness with
salmon? Anything with salmon?lol  She is truly a Havanese!  Loves "paper"
and will "Runlikecrazy" for a few moments!! She has been a shy one from the
beginning with people she doesn't know but Loves dogs-especially a 50 lbs
mix (boy) that she loves!!! (She also has a boy poodle that's her second
boyfriend!) They are a sweet, inquisitive breed, Very bright (has been doing
"tricks" since she's 10 weeks old! In other words she's a "keeper!" Have a
Happy Holiday! Sincerely, Marianne and Avi, Palm Desert, Ca. (Avi is the
adorable daughter of Diva and Andy).
Hi Nancy!  My family got a pup from you back in May and we are so in love with
him!   We are very thankful for the happiness he has brought our family.   
Actually, our whole town has fallen in love with him and everyone wants one!  I
think we are up to 6 families in our little town with a "Nancy Pup"  Shady and his
sister (Terri's dog)  Maui love each other very much!   We just wanted to thank
you!  Rocco and Terri, Aliso Viejo, Ca.  (Maui and Shady are the daughter and
son of Andy and Sylvia).
Hello,  A few of my friends in Aliso
Viejo have recently adopted
puppies from you and my kids and I
love them! They are such cute dogs
and seem so sweet! We are a family
of five and the kids have been
begging for a puppy for so long! I
see on your website that you have
a few puppies available now but we
won't be able to adopt one til the
end of the year or January of next
year due to trips already planned.
Hoping you will have a liter
available sometime around then?
Can't wait to hear from you!
Thanks,  Joy, Aliso Viejo, Ca.
Hello!   Benny is loving his new home just as much as
we love him! He does very well on car rides; we just
got back from the vet today and the vet said he's one
healthy boy! He absolutely LOVES playing outside
and loves his soft new bed (so much so that we had
to take it away until he's used to sleeping in his
crate). He does great with going potty outside on the
grass, has only had a few accidents inside. He is
curious, playful, and full of life, yet loves to relax with
us on the couch, too. Thanks for raising a special,
adorable little pup that we now get to call our own!
~Sofia and Brandon   Menifee, Ca
(Benny is the beautiful black and silver son of Andy
and Sylvia Snowflake).
Hi Nancy,  Henry and I met a really
nice family with two boys and the
father is very interested in a
Havanese puppy. We were in line
together at the airport just now and I
gave them your email. Let me know if
they end up getting one!
Merry Christmas from Eric and Henry
Hi Nancy,
We are interested in a wonderful
puppy like Henry.  We met him at the
airport. We live in Calabasas, Ca. with
9 and 10 year old boys.
Regards, Richard

Henry's road trip!
Henry at the airport heading to
Minnesota for Christmas!
Henry in Minnesota enjoying his
first snowfall!  Christmas, 2015
After months of planning and preparations and 5 flights, Cocoa, beautiful white
son of Sylvia and Andy, is finally home with his new family in INDIA!  
Hi Nancy,  Cocoa was quite hungry
after the long flight from Newark
and ate up the dry food that I had
brought with me. He has one more
flight tomorrow to get to chennai.
He is a real darling!  Sriram
Hi Nancy  The last leg of the journey was a breeze. Coco
did very well and Vinay is one happy kid. Below are some
snaps taken at our home.
Coco and Vinay   They have bonded very
quickly.  Coco is also very comfortable with
me. He slept on the hotel bed last night next
to me and wasn't happy to be moved to his
kennel for the flight earlier today. My wife,
Priya, loves him and my older son, Vishnu,
who is currently spending two weeks of his
winter break with his cousins in New York got
to meet Coco on FaceTime.  As it is quite
warm in Chennai, I will give him a bit of a trim
next week and send you some snaps.Thank
you so much once again.Regards  Sriram
Cocoa fast asleep on Vinay's bed.
Really happy to see
Vinay got his long
awaited Christmas
gift, and Coco's
taken to his new
home on the other
side of the planet!  
Enjoy!  Cocoa and
Vinay fast asleep on
their respective
Dog and master calling it a night
Hello Nancy,
Our friends in Santa Barbara
received a wonderful puppy from
you this Fall and ever since
meeting him it is all my son can talk
about (especially since he has
been wanting a dog for the past
three years).
Francie highly recommended I
contact you to express our
interest in a Havanese puppy.
Any information you could provide
to us about this process is greatly
Thank you so, so much for your
time and assistance!
Kary, Santa Barbara, Calif.
Hi Nancy,  Thank you for your note.  Roxy had a great night/sleep last night.  I was bracing myself for no
sleep, but she did so well.   As soon as we got home I showed her the crate and her toys etc.  When it was
time for bed my husband and myself decided to bring her crate in our room and will keep doing that for
the next few days/week, until we feel she's comfortable.  She whined/whimpered for maybe 3 minutes.  I
downloaded an app called "sleep baby" and I put on a mothers heartbeat sound.  She didn't peep again.  I
woke her up around 3:20am and took her out to our spot we designated and she pee'd right away, slept
the rest of the night until 7am.  I was very please with our night.
Thanks for the tips on her favorite foods.  I will definitely scrabble up an egg and try that.
Today we let her try her harness and drag around the leash a little.  We moved up to walking back and
forth across the house with the leash and harness.  She is a very good learner.  She is adjusting and
liking her crate, hiding all of her toys in it.  
The kids are all learning how to play with her and give her her space etc.  It has been great and we look
forward to getting to know her more and more each day.
I can tell that she is still tentative, but has definitely relaxed since last night.  I will keep you posted on
her vet visit, etc.  
Thank you so much!!  This has made our year already!  What a great way to kick off the year!
Marcy, Pacific Palisades, Calif.  (Roxy is the adorable black and white parti daughter of Andy and Sylvia)
Hi Nancy,  Misty is doing wonderful!  We are having a great time with her and are very happy with her.  She is so easy
to train and very sweet!  Mike and Donna, Menifee, Calif.
Misty, pictured above with her new owner, Donna, is the beautiful dark chocolate daughter of Diva and Andy.
Hi Nancy,
We were not going to replace Misty for at least
6 months.  We miss her so much! However,
We saw your ad online.  Went to see...Well,
bought Elle on Nov. 15th.  She was born on
my dad's B'day, October 4th.    
She has adjusted well today. Perfect in the car
for 1 hour ride home. Now  eating well, peeing
and drinking. We have a kennel pen set up in
We named here after our moms Eloise and
Eleanor. ELLE.
Take care Roy and Randy, Indio, Calif.

Queen of the house!  She is fabulous!!
She had her last shot yesterday!  Vet says
she is perfect. We already knew that!!   Thank
you.  Roy and Randy  
Esmerelda is the adorable dark
chocolate daughter of MaryJane
and Andy

Elle's 4
month old
She is
Thank you.  
Roy and
A friend and neighbor of mine recently got
one of your pups-absolutely adorable!  I am
writing as I would love to get a Havanese for
our family!I  Jaqui, Aliso Viejo, Ca.
Hi Nancy!!!   I can't tell you enough how much our family is loving our new addition, Maizy!! She is doing great! By last
night she was so playful with us and having a great time! She slept ok. Woke up twice to go potty at 1am and 4am went
right back to sleep at 1 but whined a bit at 4 so I just rubbed her back for a few minutes and she settled back in til 7 am
which was great!! She ate last night and this morning so no worries there! Seems to be adjusting great! We are loving
every minute of it too! I will send a picture now!
Take care!   Joy, Aliso Viejo, Calif.   (Maizy is the adorable chocolate parti daughter of Diva and Andy.)
Hi Nancy,  Faith did great in the car on the way home.  She
slept most of the way.  She is adjusting well, sleeping,
eating and playing.  I never thought I could love a little
dog as much as I love Faith.  And she loves me back!  She
follows me everywhere.  Even when I take a shower, she
waits outside the door.  When I can't hold her she sleeps
in my closet on my shoes!  I have been sleeping on the
floor with her because I am afraid she will fall off the bed!
She is exactly what I needed for this stressful time in my
life.  Thanks!  Kerry, Aliso Viego, Calif.  (Faith is the
beautiful dark chocolate daughter of Diva and Andy).
Nancy, it was so good to hear from you. If I would have spent one million dollars, I could never have received a better puppy for me. You
can post this letter on your website, and I hope you do. Faith is the perfect dog for me, or for anyone! She is so healthy, smart, fun,
affectionate and super smart! I love her so much, and we are already "best friends". She and I have so very much fun together, and she
has already made many friends. She is very social, yet very attached to me, which, by the way, happened in the first 24 hrs. She does in
fact follow me everywhere, she also sleeps with me, and I must say, I absolutely love it. I can not believe how blessed I am to have such
a wonderful new "best fiend"! Thank you so very much, for allowing this new "little Miracle" to bless me so much! You sure do know how
to bring new "little angels" into this world to bless others! I am so happy, thank you so much, Kerry​
Nancy, These are some names Grant has come up with… they may not make it to the birth
certificate!!!! I have choices too ha ha… Looking at Cuban names…. we are very excited to be
getting our girls… Thank you so much for letting us get a sneak peak…. Mary
Joining us on April Fools Day; twin sisters, One will be named "Cuba" and the other "Coconut" as
they are Havanese.  Mary and Grant, San Diego, Calif.  (Cuba and Coconut are the adorable
daughters of Andy and Sally).
Thanks so much, we are so happy
with our puppy and she is great
and easy to train and so loveable,
I've never had so many kisses!!
Thanks so much for the great
photos, I love the white paws on
Andy-what a beauty!  If we ever
breed Misty, I hope a puppy takes
after Andy!  I'll check in every once
in a while and let you know how
Misty is doing.  Thanks again for
giving us so much joy!!!  I was
surprised to see my photo with
Misty on your web site, thanks!
Hi Nancy, Baxter's birthday is coming up so I
wanted to share a photo with you.   
We love Baxter so much.  Here's a recent
picture my 7 year old son drew of Baxter.  
He, especially,  has a great relationship with
Baxter.  Baxter is a keeper as we could
never give him up as he's part of our family.  
Thanks again., Sherri, Temecula, Calif.
Elle at 5 months old.  She is great!   Thanks!  Roy and Randy, Indio, Ca.

Our babies did very well and they slept most of the
way.  They  snuggled against Mary.
We may be interested in one of Mary's next litter.
Thanks so much for these great little girls.  Grant &

Dear Nancy,  The girls awoke very animated after a
quiet night and were very happy to see us.  The big
surprise is that Cuba followed me everywhere
outside into our complicated garden with lots of
scary looking plants, stones, etc. fearlessly and
even managed to clumsily get down a high step.  
Coconut was very timid outside and was afraid of
small succulent plants that are all around the
garden and had to be coaxed and would only
attempt an entry if Cuba was already there.
In summary : Cuba, the timid one, is the real
adventurer and explorer and Coco, the out-going
one is more of a follower!
Mary wants to know how many times a day do we
feed them and do we keep the bowl full?
We really love the girls and they're well on their way
to potty training.
Thanks again for the great care you gave to the
girls who are both full of life and apparently
thriving.  They seem to love their new home and
are such happy girls and take well to others who
come to our home...
Thanks Nancy for all of your expertise... Jennifer,
our daughter, has convinced her father to buy her
one of Mary's puppies... I know she called and left a
message regarding her wanting a puppy.... so you
and she can discuss this... My friend is coming over
now to visit with the girls... she loves them too! She
came yesterday when we got home... we'll be touch
with you and send photos and rave reviews!!!  Our
girls are so loved!  Both puppies are getting bigger
and more beautiful every day...When I ask Coco
where Daddy is, she will go to the room where he
is... she definitely know the word Daddy... Thanks,
Nancy... we will keep you posted on their progress...
Mary and Grant, San Diego,Ca
Hi Nancy,
Teddy is doing
great.  I have 4 kids
and they all love
her.  My husband
treats her like a
baby and can't get
enough of her.  He's
never liked small
dogs but Teddy is
now his little
queen.  He thinks
she is another child
and he worships
She is doing really
well and getting so
much attention.  We
all love her!  She is
so cute. She's really
happy here.  Thank
you, Jennifer, Chula
Vista, Calif.   (Teddy
is the adorable
black and silver
daughter of Sally
and Andy).
Dalia after her bath.                                                Dalia with her duck.
Hi Nancy,
Dalia Is doing great. She is still with my husband and I while my parents do their
last traveling and moving from Hawaii.  They have been here in the desert until
yesterday & Visited Dalia every day.
I will take her for her vaccine at the end of the week.  Nickolette,  Palm Desert, Ca
(Dalia is the beautiful white daughter of Sally and Andy)
Avi's one year old picture.
She is a beauty!  Marianne,  Palm Desert,
Calif.  (Avelon is the beautiful black
daughter of Diva and Andy)
Hello Nancy,   Hope you are doing well,
we are very happy with the addition of
our puppy to the family.  Sending you a
picture.  Lizeth, Chula Vista, Calif.  
(Sparky is the adorable white son of
Sylvia and Andy)
Hi Nancy, here is a pic of our little girl we bought from you in Feb.
We named her Misty but could of named her 'Joy' as that is what she
is. She is the cutest dog in the neighborhood. She is extremely
smart and very loving. She loves sleeping in her crate and is
completely potty trained. She puts a constant smile on our faces.
Thank you for giving us so much joy in our life. She's really a special
dog. She is a nice dark chocolate brown! Mike and Donna, Menifee,
Calif.  (Misty is the beautiful daughter of Diva and Andy).
Thanks so much, we are so happy with our puppy and she is great
and easy to train and so loveable, I've never had so many kisses!!
Thanks again for giving us so much joy!!!
Hi Nancy!!!   Here are some pictures of these babies.  So far puddles has been doing really good
and has met his match with our two girls .  They are playing with him so much he is already having
his second nap.  It is like Disneyland every day!  He is a fluffy pup and has warmed up to them a
lot!!! It's amazing how quick they create a bond with their new family❤  Anica has been holding
him a lot. To be honest I think a little too much.  He was whining to come out of his play pen and
when he had enough of her holding him he was glad to keep quiet and stay inside.  He's been
eating really well too!! And drinking!!! I was amazed when he needed to potty he found his
newspaper and went!!!  The girls really LOVE him and he is their REAL stuffed animal.  
He feels like one too! His hair is so soft!  Tatiana said buttercup has been mostly sleeping and he
really loves sitting in her lap resting. She said she would try to see if he will eat.
Thank you for everything and I'm grateful for the puppy food you provided. So far everything is
going well. I hope you will have a lot of time to rest!!  Talk to you soon.  Mila, Hemet, Calif.  
(Puddles and Buttercup are the beautiful black/white parti and golden sons of MaryJane and
Here is a picture of Buttercup!! He looks adorable. He is extremely cute and playful and really is a special little dog!!  Tatiana, Moreno Valley, Calif.
Nancy,  We made if home safely.  The drive went well but Lola did throw up twice.  The second time was on Rose’
s shoulder.  I told Rose “Welcome to Motherhood!”  Rose and Lola played and ran around in the backyard.  Lola
was definitely exhausted and has also been sleeping.  She had some water and a little food.  All is going well.  I
will send you photos tomorrow.  I’m feeling exhausted by the whole day and the excitement.  Thank you so
much,  Lisa and Rose, Carlsbad, Calif.  (Lola is the adorable black/silver daughter of Sylvia and Andy).
Nancy,  We are so in love with Lola.  She is so much fun.  She is doing really well and has been sleeping well at
night.  Here are more photos of Lola and Rose.  Thank you so much,  Lisa and Rose.
He did great last night and is settling in
nicely.  He's a funny and very cuddly
little guy. And of course we're all
already in love with him.  He didn't get
sick at all on the way home.  We'll
definitely send some pictures.  So nice
to meet you.  Virginia, Yucca Valley,
Calif. (Sylvia's tri-colored baby boy.  Still
waiting for pictures!)
Hi Nancy,  We are all in love! I know I was thinking Artemis for her name but she loves looking at herself in
the mirror and so we've taken to call her Echo. I think she likes it :)
Thank you for warning about being a bit sick in the car. She did throw up a tiny bit about an hour into the
ride (just like you predicted) but she was really calm and slept for a majority of it.
She is doing well! She is eating and drinking, has gone potty outside on the grass (still adjusting of course
but it seems like she is learning) and loves her pen area with her toys. She is so sweet and so funny to
watch bound around the house.
Thank you so much!   Molly,   Pasadena, Calif.  (Echo is the beautiful white/cream daughter of Sylvia and
Hi Nancy,  I hope all is well with you. Just wanted to send you few photos of Buster who turned 1 on July 26 (just like
Ella). He traveled with us to Croatia this summer and he was really good. He can be a little rascal, but he is getting more
calm now when he is no longer a puppy. We all love him so much. We see his brother all the time, but have you heard
from his other brothers...wonder how they are doing and how they look like. If they live in LA area and are interested in
meeting Buster sometime you can give them my email address.  All the best.  Iva and family,  Los Angeles, Calif.  
(Buster Brown is the adorable chocolate son of Sally and Andy).
Our first picture with our future puppy!
So excited! We can't wait to bring him home! :)
Thank you so much for all the help!
Best,   Joe & Ysabelle,  Pomona, Calif. (Dark
chocolate parti son of Diva and Andy at 1 week old)
Hi Nancy,
Just wanted to share this photo of Cocoanut's latest
haircut.  She's thriving here, at 7 months weighs 10
lbs.  She's very strong and pulls me along on our
walks.  She loves every person and animal that she
meets or sees.  I've never seen a friendlier dog.
Her sister, Cuba-Louise, who lives with our daughter
and two other dogs and a cat,  is the star of the
family.  She dominates all the animals and charms the
entire family.  She, too, is thriving but is smaller but
also healthy.
Thanks so much providing us these two little treasure
pups whom we adore.  Grant and Mary​, San Diego, Ca.
Dear Nancy,
Hi!   This is Rose. We got Lola from you June 30th
and now its August 22nd, and tomorrow she gets
her LAST vaccination. We love her. She’s playful,
friendly, and she’s growing SO much, and her hair
is so fluffy if feels like cashmere.  Rose, Carlsbad,
Cocoanut's new life in her "forever" home!
Hi Nancy, it is Donna & Mike , we
bought the chocolate from you
the beginning of Feb. this year,
we named her Misty. We love
her to death! We can't thank you
enough, she has brought us so
much joy!
Hi Nancy,  It was nice to meet you today. We named him Bunchie (bunches of love
and bunches of fur).  He is very sweet.  Our drive home was about 2 1/2 hours.  He
sat on my lap the entire time, very calm. He threw up once in the car ( in the bag) and
once right when we got home on the street.
As soon as we got home he went pee outside on the leash. He ate food and drank
water throughout the day.  He had two poops. One (partly inside, tried to get him
outside, but was a little too late). He pooped as I carried him. The second poop was
on a walk this evening.  He has not gone pee on the paper yet( it is on our patio), but
he has also not had any pee accidents yet. We are watching closely for signs and
being gentle with him. We are giving him lots of love and positive verbal
He is very sweet, but I also noticed can be a little jumpy (not a lot, just slightly) Is it
because it is a new situation? The breed? Him?  Do you think it will improve as he
gets more comfortable?
I understand now about the leash. He needs a little practice.
He already seems attached to the kids. He follows them around, patiently plays with
them and if they leave the room for a few minutes, he excitedly greets them, like he
hasn't seen them in a long time ��
I will try the scrambled eggs tomorrow. I had heard eggs are good for Havanese. Do
you give it as meal or only as reward/ treat?
Bunchie seems very smart! He knows the command sit, stay, lay down and no. He
only needs a "no" a couple of times and he seems to understand. He is a very good,
easy smart puppy! He also played "fetch" with the kids- they threw a ball and he
brought it back to them, dropped it and they did it again! Did he already know how to
do that?
We are very happy that he does not "beg" for food!  Or jump on furniture. He really is
the perfect dog!  I'm hoping this is a sign potty training will go well.
He is also very quiet! He perks up with the noise, but doesn't bark at all! He barked
one time on a walk at another dog- but very minimally.
If you have any other feedback or suggestions, we welcome it. I will let you know
tomorrow how our night goes. We will keep him in the crate in our room. Right now
he is very cozy asleep on the floor as we watch tv.
Thank you again, Stephanni, Redondo Beach, Calif.  (Bunchie is the beautiful
black/white parti son of MaryJane and Andy)
PS everyone who saw him on the walk commented how cute he is!

Hi Nancy,
I will send a cute picture soon. Bunchie had a very good day!  He slept in crate till
5am and then went potty on a walk, after that. I hoped he'd go back to sleep. I'm sure
that will come with time.   He had many, many, many walks today, we are trying to
avoid any accidents. We had one minor pee accident this morning, but 3 very
successful poops outside.  I gave him bites of scrambled eggs right after he went
potty and lots of praise. I scrambled the egg and keep it in the fridge to have little
bite size treats available for the potty training.
He is doing really well on the leash today! He will stay at my side.    He listens to my
commands,  knows his name  and really seems to be enjoying himself. We live in a
beach city and lots of people are out walking dogs. Bunchie is very friendly and
making new friends. The jumpiness is much improved.
He is a very quick study.  My husband and I say he has an old soul...he really has the
maturity of an older dog, but the playfulness of a puppy!  He really is a dream come
true and a perfect fit for us.
Bunchie is pretty tired tonite.  He had so many walks today!  He is pretty tuckered
out. But seems very happy! The kids have been good about giving the perfect
amount of love, play and space. They are very sweet with him and I can already tell
he loves them too.
I will send a picture soon.   Stephanni, Redondo Beach, Calif.

Hi Nancy,
These are a few pictures taken today. Please feel free to share the ones of Bunchie
only (I prefer the one with my daughter not be on a public site-I hope you
understand). I wanted you to see the one with my daughter so you can see how
happy she and Bunchie are ��
Bunchie is such a joy. All of us are in love and he has brought so much to our family
in the short time we have had him.
I hope you are doing well,  Warmly,    Stephanni, Redondo Beach, Calif.  
Hi, Nancy!  Just wanted to send you these pictures and let
you know that our little Haru is doing great! He just had his
next session of shots! Ever since then, he's been very
spontaneously playful yet tired.  However, he still needs to
learn when to eat on his own. We have to tell him that it is
eating time. Also, he likes to take his food out of his bowl,
place them on the ground somewhere nearby and eat
them there. We've also tried teaching him commands like
to "come here", but it's taking Haru a while to understand.
So far, he's getting better with his potty training! He finally
pooped twice on the training pad! We're also bringing him
with us whenever we need to run errands, hoping it will
make him a more sociable dog.
Until then!  Best, Joe & Ysabelle
Hi Nancy,  I hope you are doing well! I
just wanted to send you a quick email
update about Benny on his 1st
birthday. Our little pup is doing
fabulous! He is still as sweet as ever
and loves playing with all of his toys
(he always gives each toy some
attention at some point or another,
which I think is cute). His favorite
part of every day is definitely his walk
around the neighborhood and his
newest trick is roll over. :) Thank you
for bringing such a joy into Brandon
and my lives! We just love him so
much.   Take care,  Sofia and
Brandon, Menifee, Calif.  (Benny is
the son of Andy and Sylvia Snowflake)
Hi Nancy - thanks for this helpful info.   We
have named her Kuma (which means bear in
Japanese).  She threw up a bit after we
brought her home from the airport.  She ate
her dog food several times since coming
home.  She is eating well which is a huge
relief.  She has been in great spirits -
constantly wagging her tail and cuddling up
to our daughters and us.  She is very well
behaved for her age.  She peed on the wee
wee pad we laid out for her and pooed on it
as well!  She is playing with couple small toys
we got her.   Kuma is absolutely adorable.  
We are spending this long weekend at home
with her and it's been a joy so far.   Thanks
for raising her so well and giving us such a
precious little being!   Won Jung and Andy,
Hillsborough, Calif.   (Kuma is the adorable
dark chocolate daughter of Andy and Chewy)
Hi Nancy!
Just wanted to show you a couple
of new pics of Haru! He's so smart!
He learned some commands like:
sit, down, paw, drop it, and come
here! We're planning to teach him
more. He's also doing a lot better
with peeing on the pad :) some
accidents here and there but not
so much anymore. Haru is also
used to his crate, and sometimes
he would go inside by himself to
sleep! So happy to have a smart
little puppy:)
Best, Joe & Ysabelle
Hi Nancy,
My name is Shannon and I got a
pup from you about a year and a
half ago.  We love him so much!  
We have shady.  A black boy with a
white foot.  We are ready to get a
second one and add to our family.  
Please let me know what puppies
are coming up.    We are not in a
hurry.  Would like to get one by
spring.    And we want a girl this
Shannon,  Aliso Viejo, Calif
Hi Nancy, I hope you enjoyed a very Happy Thanksgiving with
your family!  My sister came up from San Diego and we had a
fun day with Echo. We got her spayed yesterday so she has a
cone on her right now. She keeps running into walls and
things but seems to be in pretty good spirits overall. My mom
and I have been talking and we'd actually like to add another
dog to the household so she can have a playmate. I was
wondering what your thoughts were on this. Do you think
there's a "better time" to do this, such as when they are
younger or a bit older? We'd like another female and I would
love for her to have some dark black coloring along with the
I am not sure if you have puppies available now or will soon,
but if you have any suggestions or tips, I would really
appreciate your guidance.
We've been very happy with Echo and are so grateful to have
in our lives! Thank you!  All the best,  Molly, Pasadena, Calif.
Eden and her new big sister, Echo
Hi there Nancy,
Here's a pic for you! Happy
Bryan, Vanessa, and Yannie,  
Stanton, Calif.  (Yannie is the
cute little black/white
daughter of Diva and Andy)
Greetings from LAX
Henry enjoying the new pet area.  
Eric, Thousand Oaks, Calif.
MaryJane and Andy's 4 wk old baby boy puppy with his new owners, Ron and Paul, Palm Springs, Calif
Hey nancy! Thanks again for Cinnamon..I've decided
to keep her name as Cinnamon haha I do have a
couple of questions about pet care.
How often do I bathe her?
How often do I brush her hair?
My family likes the name cinnamon too ☺ thank you
for the bathing and brushing tips!
As far as her first car ride, it was going well until we
hit the freeway when she threw up. But like you
said, it wasn't a lot and we used the baggy. After that
she was good ☺
She eats well :) mainly in the morning and barely in
the evening. I've set up a morning schedule with
her, but not an evening one. I'm going to work on
that today.
She sleeps in bed with me. The first night I think she
barely slept. I barely slept! Haha she sleeps better
now. She chews on the sheets and sometimes the
potty pads, but mainly on the chew toy.
I've only taken photos with just her and I. I'll attach a
few of those for you. Thank you for the compliment :)
I'll take more pictures today.  Stephanie, Compton,
Calif.  (Cinnamon is the beautiful light chocolate
daughter of Diva and Andy).
Henry's 2nd birthday collage:
Hi Nancy,  We would like to reserve little Panda boy! Nakoa absolutely adores him and was talking about him the whole way home. :) I've attached
some of the photos that we took.  You can see in Nakoa's eyes just how smitten she is with the little guy. :)  We can't wait till the middle of
January!  Thanks,  Shane, Carlsbad, Calif.  (Panda is the adorable black/white parti son of Andy and MaryJane)
Hi Nancy,  How are you?   Panda's name is now Kina.  He is about 9 months old and we are loving having him be part of the family! He's such a
little sweetheart, and super well behaved.   I've recommended you to a number of friends... everyone just adores this little guy! :) Thanks!  Shane
Little Echo at home in Oregon:
Oh Nancy this little darling is EXCEPTIONAL!!!! She
is perfect thank you for breeding such an amazing
puppy! She is adjusting so well. We have 4 cats
the smallest is 8 lbs. They are all just fine with her
and she loves to play with them! She is already
peeing outside!
I will keep you posted and send pictures. Just
wanted you to know how safe and loved she is!!!
Jamie, Corvallis, Oregon and Palm Springs, Calif.
(Echo is the beautiful little daughter of MaryJane
and Andy).                                    Little Echo at 4 wks
and 18 weeks old:
Helloo Ms. Whitehead,
Yes, Picasso is a very happy
little man! He's got me
cooking for him and yes, I
think he is the boss here (in a
way he is a little bit),,,giggle....
Love him dearly! He is such a
cutie. Jolanda, Julian, Calif.  
(Picasso is the adorable
black/white parti son of Sylvia
and Andy)
We bought Bandit from
you about 9 months
ago.  He did become
"Cooper".....and has a
special life with his
younger brother (by
one day) Daley (a
Tibetian Terrier).  Big
backyard, beds
upstairs and down
stairs,  and lots of
friends thru the fence,
since we live on a
I'll send you pictures of
Cooper soon.  He just
had his first birthday!  
Jan, Lake Forest, Calif.
Hi. Nancy how are you.  We
bought Dayla from you. She
was born on March last year.  
I'm looking for her friend now.
She's daughter from Andy and
Our Dayla is beautiful thank
you.  She is so special for us.  
We are looking for another
female but white and brown
color.  If ou have any puppies
now or in the future please let
us know.  Thanks Nancy.  I
send you Dayla picture.  
Hector, Baldwin Park, California
(Dayla is the beautiful
blackk/white parti daughter of
Chewy and Andy).
Hi Nancy,  We survived the night!
Eden was actually car sick immediately when we started the drive and she threw up
quite a bit. Then she slept for half of it and threw up again and slept. Your bag came in
We introduced them in the back yard and they did well. Echo loves to play. Eden was a
bit shy but they are being more active together this morning!
I have 2 pens in my room and Eden cried  and Echo cried back. Luckily they suddenly
both stopped after about 20 minutes. One woke up at 12:45am but settled down. Then
they woke up at 3 and I took each  individually and they both peed quickly. Then up at 7.
And my mom took Echo for a walk and now they are playing in the yard. I think they are
going to be entertaining playmates for each other.
I am attaching a picture for you!
Thank you so much and I will send another update soon!  Best,  Molly, Pasadena, Calif.
(Eden is the adorable little daughter of MaryJane and Andy) (Echo is the beautiful
white/cream daughter of Sylvia and Andy)
Dear Nancy,  I hope this finds you
well. Little Echo is now 18 weeks
old and weighs almost 10 pounds!  
Oh my goodness she is the most
incredible puppy. So smart and full
of love and life. We have four cats
and she is best friends with them
all especially our black and white
Jax! We have completed puppy
preschool and are currently doing
our level one obedience class.
She had her first groom last week
and was amazing!! In case you
didn't notice she has the most
incredible eyelashes (you can see
them in the picture). We do
everything together. Everywhere
we go people LOVE her!!
Thank you for the most amazing
and loving puppy in the world! She
is so happy!  Best, Jamie, Oregon
and Palm Springs, Ca.
Hi Nancy, It's been a month since we got
Eden so I thought I would send a few more
pictures of the two of them!
They are getting along really well. They
love to play in the backyard! They go back
and forth over toys and have a lot of fun.
It's a lot of energy!
Hope you are doing well and thanks again!
Molly, Pasadena, Ca.

HI Nancy~  Hope all is well!  Lexi is doing really
well and below see a few pics ��  She is a doll, was
used to me immediately the first day.  Did great on
the 7 hour drive, no barfing!  Has does amazing
meeting lots of people the last couple days and I
know she will be a great therapy dog as I travel
with my job.  She has slept through the night the
last 3 nights and is 90% potty trained on the pee
pads.  Thanks!  Julie, Phoenix, Arizona.  (Lexi is
the beautiful white silver parti daughter of Sally
and Bernie).
Hello,  I ran into a lovely woman with a precious puppy at our
local Wilco Store in Corvallis, OR.  I asked if I could see her
little dog up close and just fell in love with it.  She
mentioned getting it from you and said you had a Facebook
page, but I cannot find one to see all of your lovely
Havanese puppies.  
At the time that I accosted the woman at the store, I also had
a couple of my older friends waiting for me in the car.  One
of them LOVES small dogs and just recently lost her
companion Shih Tzu of 13 years.   The lady who had your
puppy was kind enough to bring her to the car for my friend
to hold for a short while.  They were precious together.  
Thought I would share with you the pic I snapped of your
adorable dog in the lap of my friend Betty...shortly after
"Echo" licked her from chin to forehead in spontaneous, tail
wagging joy.  It's always nice to know that your puppies are
adopted out to great homes.   I think Echo is loved, well
cared for and happy in Oregon.  Perhaps you know who this
owner is...and could forward this pic to her too.
If you do have a Facebook account that showcases your
dogs, please let me know how to reach it.  Thanks. Denise,
Corvallis, Oregon
Hi Nancy! So glad the ladies got a hold of
you. I couldn't think of your website so I
gave them your email. they might be
interested in a a Havanese! She sure
does make an impression wherever she
goes. I take her all over the place with
me❤️ I'll put your website in my contacts
so when people ask where I got her I can
give that to them! More later. I love
her so much����
Jamie and Echo in Oregon
Hi Nancy,
I have named our
puppy PABLO
I previously said
He is doing so well,
no sickness and I
had him "chipped"
today and
registered with the
He weights 4lb 8oz
Gracie is jealous
but they are very
playful and Gracie
is gentle. I am
holding them both a
lot until they feel
Pablo is eating
VERY well, I am
surprised how big
his appetite is. He
could not be cuter, I
am ecstatic!!
I make sure he has
quiet and rest away
from Gracie. He
seems "pad"
trained, no
problems. He has
been in the
backyard today as
well (great weather).
Thank you for a
wonderful puppy,
he is the best!
I will keep you
posted with
pictures. Best,
Anna, Merced, Calif.
(Pablo is the
adorable tri-colored
son of Sally and
Pablo with his big sister, Gracie, in Merced, Calif.
Hi Nancy,  Two more
pictures of darling
Pedro in his new
sweater.  Anna,
Merced, Calif.
Hi Nancy, just an fyi to let you know that Frankie is doing well.  
Good thing you told us about the car sickness though because
the poor little guy did get pretty sick.  He didn't feel well for about
an hour after the car ride either but after he rested he was full of
energy.  Good thing we only had to drive to Corona. He is eating
like a champ, playing and sleeping well.  He does cry whenever
my husband or I leave the room but he's learning that he can
follow us :)  He's doing great with the potty thing, goes outside or
on the pee pee pads.  He has a vet appt. tomorrow. I'm sure all
will be fine but I will let you know.  My husband loves him, we all
do.  Everyone thinks he is absolutely adorable (he is).  I'll keep
you updated and again, thank you so much.  You are a loving,
caring breeder and if anyone I know ever wants a dog like
Frankie I will be sure to pass along your contact information.
Have a good evening,   Sharon, Corona, Calif. (Frankie is the
beautiful black/white parti son of Sally and Bernie.)
Hi Nancy, We
purchased Peter
(now Jack -
picture attached)
from you a
couple of years
ago and we are
looking to get
him a new sister.
I was wondering
if you had any
new litters?
Thank you,
Ridgecrest, Ca.
Hi Nancy, just a quick note
to let you know that
Frankie is doing great.  
He's pretty smart and
caught on to the potty
training fairly quickly.  
When we don't get him
outside fast enough he
knows to go on the potty
pads.  He is growing fast
and loves to sleep after
playing hard.  Everyone
loves him, he's a bit
spoiled :)  I'll send you
some photos soon.  We
are very happy with him.
A friend of mine was over
last weekend to see
Frankie and expressed an
interest in getting a
Havanese so he said if
and when he and his wife
decide on what they're
going to do he would like
your contact info.  He
couldn't get over how
cute and healthy Frankie
is. Take care,  Sharon

Hi Nancy, here are a
couple of pics of Frankie.
He doesn't like his picture
taken but he's a very
happy boy.  His favorite
things are eating, playing
with his toys and
sleeping.  He is 8 lbs.
already.  I think he's going
to be a solid hunk of fluff
when he's fully grown :) I
will send you pictures as
he grows bigger and after
his first grooming.
Sharon, Corona, Calif.
Hello, we are interested in one of your puppies. I got your
name for Sharon in Corona, Ca. She got Frankie from you a
few months ago. We are interested in a male, preferably
black and white like Frankie. Please contact me at your
earliest convenience. Thank you, Anna
Hello Nancy,
I hope all is well
there. How many
puppies are
currently available?
What is coming up?  I
can't wait to see the
new puppies!
Pablo is still so
adorable and happy!
He is 8 lb 4oz now at
4mo. Everyone is so
impressed with his
personality and
perfect looks!  He is
the best!
Anna, Merced, Calif.
Hi Nancy,  Precious is doing great.  She slept most of the way
home and only opened her eyes occasionally when I went over a
bump!  No car-sickness at all.  she is eating and drinking really
well and playing with her toys.  Right now she is chewing on my
pant leg!  Thanks so much,  Lois, Beamont, Ca.  (Precious is the
precious daughter of Diva and Bernie).
Hi Nancy,
The kids were beside themselves with joy
and emotion over the reveal of our pup!  We
have named her Joie (the French spelling
for joy) pronounced like joey.  Thank you so
much!  Will keep in touch.   Roger, Oak Park,
Calif.  (Joie is the adorable daughter of Diva
and Bernie)
Nancy,  I am indebted to
you for your help and
counsel and for giving
me a beautiful puppy.
Wilson has sent me
"over the moon" with
happiness.  The
neighborhood children
all want to play with him
and hold him and pet
him.  They have all
volunteered to puppy-sit
with him.  Thanks!  Mary,
Carlsbad, Calif.  (Wilson
is the beautiful
black/white parti son of
MaryJane and Bernie.)
Hi Nancy,
All is well with Dodger!  He's such a sweet boy,
sleeping through the night til 6am and waiting for us
to go outside to pee/poo with an occasion accident
in the day. The kids and I are all loving him so so
much and he's Scott's boy!  He's so smart and loving!
Thank you again,  Tracy,  Palm Desert, Calif.
A few family shots. Jett has been away and I usually
take the pictures...(Dodger is the beautiful white/tan
parti son of Sylvia and Andy).
Cowboy is the best boy! He has only had 3 “accidents”
in the house since I picked him up from you on
Tuesday. We bonded immediately. He seemed to know
me and follows me everywhere. He responds to his
name and comes when I call him. Right now he is
asleep in a pen in the family room and he stays there
while I work around the house, cook, etc. and for the
3 hours several days a week that I volunteer. He’s a
joy!  Thank you for making it possible for me to have
him in my life,  Ruth,  Henderson, Nevada.  (Cowboy is
the adorable white with tan markings son of MaryJane
and Bernie)  Pictured on the right at 4 wks old.
Wilson, pictured below, after his bath, playing
with his toys.

Hi Nancy,  Thanks for the barf bag- we did need it!
Eli is doing great. He loved exploring his new surroundings and his new sister, Cali, was pretty indifferent- just a little
jealous, so we are hopeful that they will soon be fast friends. As you can see, we are already in love- especially my
The little guy is tuckered and taking a nap next to my daughter on the couch.
We will keep you posted.
Mary and Jim, Irvine, Calif.  
Eli  and Cali are already getting along great and having fun playing together. We will send photos as he grows. He is a
sweetheart ❤️��  (Eli is the beautiful white/tan parti son of MaryJane and Bernie)
Nancy,  Rosie made the 2 1/2 hour drive home great and did not get
sick. She loves playing with the girls and had a pretty good first night.
Here is a picture of her with her sisters.
Thank you,  Mary, Valencia, Calif.  (Rosie is the adorable black/white
parti daughter of Sylvia and Andy).

Hi Nancy, We love them! We named them
Mia (the most markings) 'cause it's all
about her=} and Maxine (Max sometimes)
She's super curious but Mark thought her
markings remind him of the Grinch and his
dog was named Max.(Men can be dorks
sometimes, but fits) I had forgotten over
the last 15 years puppies are either on or
off. It's like a light switch. We are having
fun, though!
Thanks for the info!
Karen,  Redlands, Calif.  Mia and Maxine
are the adorable daughters of MaryJane
and Bernie.  Pictured below at 4 wks old)
Pablo at almost 6 months.  He is the prettiest!
He is so fun and smart! I will keep you
posted.Pablo at 9 mo. old.   He is doing so
well. I love him and so does everyone else!
Below is Pablo all grown up!  He looks a lot
like his dad, Bernie!! I  am so happy with
Pablo and Gracie.  Just a wonderful time in
life for me. Thank you for making it possible!
everyone elseI am hoping to get my niece to
look at Havanese.
Our Two Girls from Ms. Nancy Whitehead's School of Fine Breeding, Diction and
Manners.  Ha!!
We love our two girls, Coconut and Cuba Louise (now known as "Teddi).  Teddi
lives with our daughter and her husband and their 4 children.  Jason loves Teddi
who can do no wrong.
Coconut is definitely more aggressive but also more intelligent - she's still
learning new tricks.  She loves everyone she meets and especially the UPS
drivers and the mailman; she wants to leave us and go home with them.  She
weighted 14 pounds at her well-woman check and is doing superbly.
We love both dogs and appreciate the excellent care you provided them.
We'll keep you abreast of their growth and adventures.
Grant & Mary, San Diego, Calif.
Nancy,  Cowboy is a super dog and I love him! He already
knows his name, comes when I call him, fetches, does sit and
down and usually whimpers to go out when he has to urinate.
He taught himself that the best place for him to do his
business is around the corner of the house, not on the fake
grass just off the patio. I don’t know how he knew that,
because I never even showed him.  I’m glad that you’re such a
responsible breeder.  I’ll keep you posted on Cowboy’s
development. He’s already winning the hearts of all my friends.
Good luck with your future litters. You breed beautiful dogs.
Ruth, Henderson, Nevada  (Below is Cowboy at 10 wks old)
Greetings from Eli:
Hi Nancy,
I thought I'd send you a few photos of Eli and his big sister Cali. As you can see, they have become great buddies and are never far apart.
They play together, drink out of the same bowl , wrestle and snuggle. Eli is doing great. He is 7.5 pounds as of yesterday and loves treats
and belly rubs. He is a real love- loves to give kisses and loves attention . He is very funny and makes goose noises when he gets really
excited when we pick him up. He has a hearty appetite and follows Cali all around. He has made himself quite comfortable and everyone who
sees him wants to take him home. I had to check our guests suitcases before they left to make sure they didn't steal him��
We love them both to pieces and he has brought us and Cali so much joy.
Hope you have a great weekend- I just wanted to give you an update on his progress����  Best regards,  Mary,  Irvine, Calif.  (Eli is the
beautiful white/tan son of MaryJane and Bernie)
Hi, They're getting so big almost 8 lbs!
I love them lots and training isn't
really going as planned but I'm
working on it.  
Mia is a little pistol and likes to bite.  
Maxie is more of a lover. They do like
to play.  They attach to each others tail
and go in circles, it's really funny and
I'll send you more pictures as they
grow.  Talk to you soon.  Karen,
Redlands, Calif.
P.S. They are little sneaky trouble
Their favorite chew toy is my tree!  
At her official seating Her Royal
Highness "Teddy" awaits dinner
while enjoying a cocktail with
her long-time Consort and
Executive Trainer, Sir Reginald
Baldwin.  A frequent topic at the
dinner table often revolves
around the question : "Who
trains whom?". Sometimes Sir
Baldwin has the upper hand but
HRH Teddie can display a
remarkable power over him - we
may never know the answer.  
Ha!!  Jennifer, Chula Vista, Calif.
(Pictured at right is adorable
Teddy, her Royal Highness,
silver and black daughter of
Sally and Andy)
Hi Nancy,  Gypsy is just the sweetest,
cutest little puppy, very intelligent too
The first two days our 9 yr old  Bichon
was ignoring her but then started
playing with her and they have been
playing together ever since !  I
can tell they are going to be the very
best of pals ��
We all just love Gypsy so much and
she is getting the house breaking
thing down very fast, beautiful and
very smart too ! Yes, will definitely
send some family pics soon -
She is already feeling completely at
home.  We are going to make
sure she has a GREAT life ��
THANKS, Nancy, Rose Anne, Thousand
Oaks, Calif. (Gypsy is the adorable
tan/white daughter of Sally and
Hi Nancy,  I only have 3
words for Sailor - He is
perfect! Here is a
picture of Sailor with my
daughter and one on
his customized mat.
Total doll!! We are all
smitten. He is happy,
healthy, playful, sweet,
and pees and poops
where he is supposed
to. He now sleeps
through the night in his
crate. He can’t stop
chewing on everything
in site, but that’s just
being a puppy. He didn’t
get car sick at all, so I
take him with me in a
carrier when I run
errands. We are
starting a puppy
socialization class soon
and I fully expect him to
be a star. How are his
siblings doing?
My niece is a
photographer and she
snapped these pictures
of Sailor.
Nancy and Howard,
Long Beach, Calif.
(Sailor is the beautiful
black/white parti son of
Sally and Bernie).
Hi Nancy,  Just a quick update. We did not have
any problems in the car on the way home. Also,
we had a very winning overnight. She ate very
little last night, a little more this morning at 5
and again around 10. Small doses. We had
already got her used to the pee pads and she
knows to pee there but no poop yet, I don't
know if we should be worried by that. Do you
have any suggestions? Thank you.
Thank you for the reply. We took her out on the
grass a little earlier and she pooped in right
away so we are so happy. Thank you for the
tips. We will keep you updated.
Just another update with some pictures. My
wife likes pink and Roxy likes pink it seems and
my wife was playing with her today and took
some really cute pictures and I thought I should
share them with you. She does not like to eat
from any bowls so I feed her from my hand so
far but I'll keep trying. Please see the pictures
below:  Richard, Sun Valley, Calif.  (Roxy is the
beautiful black/white parti daughter of Sally and
Our trip home was great. Molly was
perfect all the way home. She did
not get sick.  Will keep you posted.
How did Molly drink water at your
place?  I have a bowl for her here,
she doesn’t seem too interested.
No worry.  Molly is eating and
drinking just fine now!  Thanks!  
Lynne, Upland, Calif.  (Molly is the
adorable black/white parti
daughter of Sally and Bernie)
Hi Nancy,  Our trip home was
wonderful.  No car-sickness.  
Maverick slept on my wife's lap
all the way home.  He went
potty outside and now is curled
up asleep in his crate.  He is
adjusting so well.  Thanks!  Art,
Palm Desert, Calif. (Maverick is
the beautiful black/white parti
son of Sally and Bernie).
Hi Nancy,
Sorry it took so long to get pictures to you. We
named “Little Frankie” Bruce. He was 13 pounds
last month at his vet visit. He is enrolled in a puppy
class and is learning to sit, lay, and drop objects
on command. He is very friendly and goes to the
park every day to play with the other dogs. Thank
you again for this little guy. He is a joy to be
around. Best Regards, Anna, Foothill Ranch, Calif.
(Bruce is the beautiful Black/White Parti son of
Sylvia and Andy)
Molly is adjusting well. She has not had one accident in the
house. Of course I am taking her out every couple of hours.  She
is such a sweet puppy.  Molly got her shots today. She is doing
great.  Thank you again Nancy, Lynne, Upland, Calif.   (
Molly is the
beautiful little black/white parti daughter of Sally and Bernie).

Not Maverick but Murphy!
We tossed and turned over his
name...after the second day we all
agreed on Murphy, or " Murph the
Smurf " to his friends...Murphy is
doing GREAT !!  He is full of energy
and seems to have a great
disposition.....He has his crate at
night ( we call it the safe house )
and he actually sleeps about
seven hours through the night...he
is eating well and is already 90
percent potty trained....he goes to
his pee pad at night time  and we
go outside to his favorite spot
during the day. He loves the grass
in our back yard and we are  
starting to play ball.  I will get you
some pictures when I can get him
to hold still for one. He is a
wonderful addition to our family
and we are so thankful to you as
well....talk to you soon, Art and
Marianne, Palm Desert, Calif.
Jack and Molly:  They are doing so well. Thank you for our littles!
-Shelly, Ridgecrest, Calif.  (Jack and Molly are the beautiful son and
daughter of Sylvia and Andy)
Hi Nancy,  Thanks again for our little puppy! He's just adorable and so much
personality! We were thinking of getting Little Marco a playmate in a few
months. Will you have a litter sometime between August and October?  
Thanks,  Therese,Barstow, Calif.
Therese Trujillo  (Little Marco is the adorable multi-color son of Diva and
Hi Nancy, Here's a video of Little Marco playing
with a door stop.
The name of the video is Havanese puppy meets
door stop. It's on You Tube.
Therese, Barstow, Calif.
Our first encounter of rain. YIKES!!
And some other stuff they are so
cute. Hope you had a nice holiday
Karen. Redlands, Calif.
Here is Miss Molly.  She is the sweetest!  All shots are completed since
end of December .Getting spayed end of February.  Molly is doing
great!   Lynne,  Upland, Calif.  
j(Miss Molly is the beautiful black/white  daughter of Sally and Bernie.)
HI Nancy,
Mr. Sailor is as cute as ever! I just wanted to ask how
much his parents weigh. He's practically 7 pounds at 12
weeks so it looks like he's going to be a big guy. You
mentioned that he was the biggest in the litter I believe.
He's learned several commands so far, Come, Go To Your
Bed, Give, Leave it, and Watch Me. He picks things up
very quickly it seems. We are working very hard on potty
training now.
He’s super active and outgoing. He will soon be able to go
on walks with us so that should help. What a doll!  Thanks
so much.  Nancy,  Long Beach, Calif.  (Sailor is the
beautiful black/white son of Sally and Bernie).
Hi Nancy,
Thank you so much for meeting us
today.  We are all very excited!  
I've attached the pictures of
Dodger and my kids.   Please let
me know if you need them in
another format to view.  
Thank you and have a nice
evening!  Tracy, Palm Desert, Calif.
(Dodger is the adorable
black/white son of Sylvia and Andy)
On the right is "Rolo"
white/chocolate son of
Diva and Bernie) with
his new family, Wayne
and Kimberly, Cathedral
City, Calif.
Above is "Bandit" (adorable
black/white son of MaryJane and
Bernie) with his adorable new best
friend.  Dan, San Diego, Calif.
So we’ve officially decided on a name!  His
name is Max :) The photo of just him was taken
shortly after we got home on Monday.  He was
pretty tentative for a couple hours and would
just lay on me.  Wouldn’t move or walk around
at all.  Then he warmed up and has been an
active, happy puppy.  He even started eating
the first day!  He fits right in and we love him to
pieces.  Emily, Vista, Calif.  (Max is the beautiful
multi-color son of Diva and Bernie).
We made it home. He got a tiny bit carsick before we even made it to the freeway but then
slept most of the way home. He hasn’t cried much but is obviously scared. Won’t eat or drink
yet. Actually we haven’t even seen him walk yet. He stands there frozen. He’s spent lots of
time in my lap and now he’s napping in his crate. Will try feeding him again soon. The 4 yr old
was a little freaked out when she first saw him—she wasn’t sure if he was real. Haha. But
within minutes she already loved him. I can’t wait to surprise the older 2 kids tomorrow night!!
I am not sure how active he has been and whether he would play when he was at your house
so not sure what to base his activity level on. At what point should I worry if he isn’t really
moving around? I know it will be an adjustment but not sure how long it usually takes?

Charlie (my youngest daughter) got him to eat some by hand feeding him at first then he ate
some from his bowl and had some water.  After a few trips to the yard he finally peed.  And
while I was in the shower, terry said he was walking around exploring the family room and
went into his crate all on his own and napped.  Once he was done and I came downstairs he
started to play a little with his toys.  He is back on my lap and whimpering some. Makes me so
sad but i know he will adjust and he’s already so loved.

Willie Jackson had a great night. After my last email, he got pretty playful. He loves to attack
people’s toes! Haha. He also ate all the food we had given him and seemed to want more.  
How much would you Give him each day?  Then he went outside again and pooped. We went
to bed around 11 and I heard him whimpering around 2 and took him out of crate and put him
on the pee pad by the crate and he peed. Put him back in and petted him some. I think I may
have had to open the crate and pet him a couple times until he fell asleep. Then he was up
around 5:15 and I put him on the pad and he peed again.  This time it took him a little longer to
fall asleep again. He seemed to want to play but I would pet him or hold him if he cried and
then he finally settled down and slept again.  He was up again at 7:30 when Charlie woke up.  
Terry took him outside and he peed and pooped.  He’s doing great and is so darn cute it
hurts. :)

He’s doing great.  I got up with him twice last night when he was whimpering (4 am and 6) but
he wouldn’t pee on the pad and went back to sleep in his crate.  Terry took him outside when
kids started waking at 6:45 and he peed. He’s only had one accident — a little bit ago he peed
on my daughters shag rug but then peed again outside right after. He seems to be adjusting
really well.  All three kids love him so much already. They couldn’t believe we got them a dog
because every time they asked we would tell them no way. It was the hardest secret to keep
ever!  Stephanie, Altadena, Calif.  (Willie Jackson is the adorable tan/white son of Diva and
Hi Nancy,  Just wanted to send you a few pictures of Tater Tot settling into his new home  He was very
calm on the ride home and didn’t throw up (thankfully). We’re trying to crate train him so the first night
was a bit of a struggle as he kept trying to get out. The subsequent nights were better. Overall, it didn’t
take him too long to get acclimated to his new home. Tater Tot is full of energy and so sweet. He’s been a
wonderful addition to our family.  Best, Eric and Rosemary, Irvine, Calif.  (Tater Tot is the adorable multi-
colored son on Diva and Bernie).
Hi Nancy,  I hope you've been doing well and
Happy New Year! I just wanted to let you
know that Beans is doing well. Overall, he's a
great dog--he's generally quiet, calm and
loves being around people and other dogs.
Below is a photo of him with me at work.
Thanks!  Jesus, La Mesa, Calif.  (Beans is the
sweet, adorable multi-colored son of Diva
and Bernie.)
Hi Nancy,  I’ve been busy with Finn since we got home.  She
got carsick on the way home.  She hasn't eaten much but
she sure does like the cats.  She was approaching them
trying to get to know them.  They have been cautious and
still aren't 100% on board but are warming up.
Finn has been trying to engage them all day. This morning
she woke (she slept through the night) just before 6 am,
whined, I immediately got up and took her out. She peed.
She’s been active most of the day. Had a couple of
accidents but mostly I’ve gotten her outside, given her
command to pee/poo and she has. She even did it at my
neighbors house. I took her for a walk and she did well on
her leash. She is very intelligent and a joy thus far. She’s
playing now and I’m already tired! Hahaha...we love her!  
Thank you, Nancy. Lauree and suzanne, San Diego, Calif.  
(Finn is the beautiful daughter of Mary Jane and Bernie).
Hi Nancy, My tenant is interested in a pup.
When will your next litter be coming?
Additionally, the cats are warming up to Finn
and are playing chase. It’s fun to watch the
Finn is a busy little beaver and relentless
with the cats. The cats have been so patient
with her. It’s time for them to tell her like it is,
Have a good day  Lauree
Good Morning Nancy,  An update on Sadie,  She
did get car sick as you predicted.  She threw up
three times.  She settled down after
that and slept the whole way to AZ.  She drank
water when we arrived and peed on the kitchen
floor.  She is only eating small bits of food but
knows where the food and water are.
She slept over four hours in her crate and then
I took her out to go potty.  We are using a pee
pad until the sun is out to introduce her to the
backyard. Sadie is really a cute dog and we are
very happy to have her.
We adore Sadie and she seems to be adjusting
to her new environment well.  I will send
pictures in a day or so. Thanks so much for your
kindnesses and help.
Laurann, Scottsdale, Arizona.  (Sadie is the
adorable black/white parti daughter of
MaryJane and Bernie).
Hi Nancy, For a long time we didn't know if Gypsy was truly a
Havanese because she didn't look like other Havanese dogs.  But
now we know exactly why she looks different.  She is a Short Haired
or smooth coat Havanese AKA a Shavanese !  Her parents both
carried the recessive gene for short hair and a longer muzzle, the
Shavanese gene. I understand they are pretty rare !  And Anna and I
both think she is just the CUTEST little thing. Also she will require a
lot less grooming ! ��  Everyone always comments on how pretty she
is , after the inevitable question What is she ?!?!  I think a few
people also wanted to get a dog just like her after seeing her !
Sincerely,  Rose Anne, Thousand Oaks, Calif.  (Gypsy is the beautiful
multi-color daughter of Sally and Bernie).     
Thanks Nancy ! We just love our little Gypsy .....i will for sure take a
look at Precious and Beans and will recommend you to everyone I
meet looking for a great Havanese Breeder !  ��  PS She is a very
intelligent dominant dog with plenty of Sass !!! ❤️
She and Gwennie our 9 year old Bichon are truly the BEST of
Buddies ����❤️❤️
Here are some pictures of our Beautiful
and Sweet little baby Gypsy !
Pictured below is "Pepper" with her new
best friend.  Thanks!  Danah, Santa
Barbara, Calif.  (Pepper is the beautiful
multi-color daughter of Sylvia and Bernie
Here are some pics of Finn having her
way with Griff, our big strapping male
Bengle and one of So-chi, our female
Bengle who wishes we would send Finn
back. Hahaha
Pablo is
doing so
well and is
a real joy!.
He is a
big, sturdy
boy and
Hi Nancy;  Sadie just finished her first grooming
and I thought you might like a picture of her.   
Her next series of shots is in 10 days. She is
very lovable, feisty and playful. She has been
sleeping all night in her kennel for over a
month now. Potty training is still a work in
progress but she is getting better. We love ❤️
her to pieces!  Thanks for getting her to us!!    
Laurann, Scottsdale, Arizona

Hi Nancy,
Here is my adorable Sailor man.
Almost 8 months old and around
13.5 pounds. He hasn’t grown in
the last 6 weeks so he is maybe
done?  He’s sleeping with us now
and fairly well potty trained. Still a
work in progress.
Very playful and delightful
personality. He loves other dogs.
Any and every dog. He likes most
people. He’s a bit quirky and gets
growly with certain people. Hard to
tell who he will love and who he
won’t. But overall he’s a doll. He
never gets aggressive. Just a little
He loves his 4 walks a day. And he’
s great now in the car. We take him
to cafes and restaurants and he’s
getting comfortable in public. Just
sits quietly under our table
watching the world go by.
Thank you so much. We love him!
Nancy and Howard, Long Beach,
Calif. (Sailor is the beautiful
black/white son of Sally and Bernie)
Hi Nancy,  Hope you’re doing well. Finn has been adjusting great since I picked him up a few weeks ago. He had a regular vet check up and
weighed in at 3.0 pounds exactly and as of 10 weeks and 1 day today was 4.2. He’s a growing as a very healthy and happy boy. And you were
right, extremely playful! ☺️ He’s eating the Royal Canin, we have him in his routines and actually has been extremely great with house
training for a a puppy, only have 2-4 accidents per week and he’s sleeping though the night. My alarm usually goes off before he wakes up
to be honest!   haha!
Finn is okay with me cleaning his eyes every morning, trimming his eye hair to avoid infections, and grabbing things from his mouth.  But he
hates his brush. I’ve  noticed and the vet even said today his hair is growing so fast. I know a metal brush is best, I’ve done the skin test (it
had rubber tips, it’s a puppy version!) Heck I’ve even tested it on my own head in front of him because I thought he would be less afraid...
and it doesn’t hurt at all. Reason I’m using a metal is my parents dog Eli and Finn’s half brother (Bernie and Mary’s litter last May) just had to
get shaved even though he gets brushed regularly and is washed with shampoo and conditioner regularly. I also noticed you used a similar
brush on him post bath.
My goal is to avoid the grooming issues as much as I can with Finn, I think the metal brush is best for him, but wondering if you have any
other suggestions? I’m afraid the metal brush is hurting him, but i don’t know what other brush to use.
Appreciate your help!
Eli, Finn, and both of their half sister, Harley (Kelly is the owner I believe, picked up the week after I came) all work for the same company
and when Finn and Harley get completely settled and vaccinated, we’ll have a play date and send pictures �� Megan, Santa Anna, Calif.  
(Finn is the beautiful black/white parti son of Sylvia and Bernie).  
Hi Nancy,
I thought I had sent you a
note and then just realized
it never went through. I’ll
send you a separate one
with videos.
Neville did great on the car
ride home without getting
sick and is just a bouncy,
happy little love. He had a
rough first night of missing
his mom but is already
almost fully potty trained
with no accidents, he
enjoys his crate time, and
is eating well. He wakes up
two or three times during
the night but is adjusting
well and quiets down right
after he potties. He is
getting lots of love and the
kisses are mutual.��
Thank you for helping him
become a good little puppy
for us and even the cat
seems to enjoy him. They
chase each other around!
Julie, La Canada, Calif.
(Neville is the beautiful
black/white son of Sally
and Bernie).
Hello Nancy!  We have had
Pepper at home for over a week
now and she has become one of
the pack!
She traveled all the way to Santa
Barbara with no issues. We didn’
t even need the barf bag.
She’s crate training beautifully.
She whimpered the first couple
of nights, but now she goes in
happily and sleeps ALL night! I
had expected to be getting up
multiple times a night, but she’s
sleeping 8 hours without any
We take her out around 10:
30p/11p and she sleeps until 6:
30a/7:30a.  We’ve been working
hard on potty training. We take
her out every couple of hours
and she had very few accidents.
During the day if we leave we
put her in a doggy playpen and
she has only gone in there one
Needless to say she’s pretty
awesome and we are so grateful.
Danah, Santa Barbara, Calif.
(Pepper is the adorable multi-
colored daughter of Sylvia and
Hi Nancy.  We got the puppy home OK and she did not get sick or even look uncomfortable.
Pretty much just slept in Jen’s arms the entire way. She and our dog are getting along really
well. She’s very curious and playful with him and he is Being very tolerant while he tries to
figure out What to make of the new situation. She has been intermittently playful and sleepy
but seems very comfortable and happy. We are thrilled with her. It was a pleasure to meet
you and thank you For setting us up with such a beautiful girl.  Andrew and Jennifer,
Oceanside, Calif.  (She is the beautiful black/white parti daughter of Juno and Bernie)
Hello Nancy!
I’m finally able to sit down and update you on my sweet little boy Mokee! His ride home was
easy (he slept on my shoulder the entire way as you can see in the picture), but he threw up
as soon as we pulled into the driveway. He is very sweet and smart...already knows his name
and quite successful with potty training so far. The nights have been long as he’s having a
VERY difficult time getting use to his crate...he just hates to be alone. I know he’ll get there
eventually. I’ll update you again soon!!  Thanks again for this precious little puppy boy!
Brooke, Tustin, Calif.  (Mokee is the beautiful black/white parti son of Sally and Bernie)
Hi Nancy, just wanted to update  you on our puppy we got from you this past Wednesday, we
named him Bentley and he is adjusting very well....our chocolate lab loves him and sleeps
outside the crate that the puppy is sleeping in inside our living room and he has not cried at
all at night for him mama.
Just wanted you to know that he had his checkup Wednesday afternoon with the vet and got
a clean bill of health.  We have also attached pictures of Bentley along with his brother Buddy.
Thank you! Sandy and James, Banning, Calif.  (Bentley is the adorable white/tan son of Sally
and Bernie).
Michael's family from San Deigo, Calif.
with their new, adorable family member
and best new friend.  Their new puppy is
the beautiful multi-color son of Juno and
Jolie and her New Friends playing tug of war.  They play
together all day.  The older dogs have taught Jolie how
to climb the stairs to get to my bedroom. She is a quick
learner. She sleeps with me on my bed. We love her so
much.  Gerry,   Camarillo, Calif.  (Jolie is the beautiful
tan/white  daughter of Sylvia and Bernie).
Hi Nancy,  I wanted to let you know that
the puppy, who we decided to call
Panda, is settling in very well at our
house. She loves our older dog West,
and he for the most part loves her too.
He sometimes gets too aggressive
when they play but they are learning
how to play together. She is just the
sweetest thing, and besides playing,
also loves to be held. Here are some
pictures and videos.
Take good care,
Grace and Andrew, Redondo Beach, Calif
(Panda is the adorable black/white
daughter of Juno and Bernie).
Nancy,  Yesterday was
Cowboy’s first birthday. He
is a magnificent puppy! He
has already passed the
tests for Therapy Dog, and
now that he is one year
old, he can get his
certificate. He has just a
little light gray on his ears.
What a big change from
the masked man I met a
year ago!
I hope you are well.  Ruth,
Henderson, Nevada.  
(Cowboy is the
magnificient son of
MaryJane and Bernie).
Hi Nancy, Just thought I would drop you a line
and tell you how much we love Halo. She is so
sweet and already has learned to sit and
shake. She is a very smart girl for 3 months.
She is one of the best puppies I have ever
been around. She loves to play fetch and will
actually play soccer with me in the backyard.
We love her so much and are so thankful for
her. Here are a few pictures. She is also so
pretty. Everywhere I take her (vet and family)
she gets all the attention. Thanks again for our
new addition!  Nicole, Lake Elsinor, Calif.  (Halo
is the adorable tan/white daughter of Juno and
Hi Nancy,  Thank you so
much for letting us come
by today to meet the pups.
We cannot wait to take him
home! Attached are the
pictures I took of Golden
Bear.  Thanks!  Alyssa and
Daniel, Long Beach, Calif.
(Bear is the beautiful little
multi-color son of Diva and
Hi Nancy, Thank you for allowing us to visit today. We are quite
smitten with our little one. We plan to name him Desiderio after
Desi Arnaz and like his name sake call him Desi for short.
We looked at our calendars and are hopeful you might be able to
keep Desi until July 27th. Tom is retiring but not until after that
day and we are concerned about Desi being left home alone that
first week. Please let me know if that poses a problem.  Thank
you again for your time and all of the helpful tips!!  Sheila and
Tom,  Escondito, Calif.  (Desi is the beautiful black/white son of
Diva and Bernie.)
Hi Nancy, Hope you’re doing
great! I just wanted to update
you on Bear; he is doing so,
so great and we absolutely
love him! He was so good on
the way home, he slept and
cuddled with me the whole
way, and didn’t get sick at all!
He has a great appetite and
eats a lot, and he loves being
around people. He’s quickly
become acclimated to our
home and has even found
short cuts (running
underneath the sofa and the
We’ve been putting him in his
crate at nighttime and,
although he cried the first two
nights, he now loves it and
sleeps so quietly. He has a
ton of energy and loves all of
his toys. And he’s so darn
smart it is unbelievable.
Thank you for such an
amazing little puppy. We love
him so so much!  Alyssa and
Daniel, Long Beach, Calif.
(Bear is the beautiful
multicolor son of Diva and
Hi Nancy,  Desi slept all the way
home. He is a great little traveler!
We are already madly in love with
him. Thank you again.
Sheila and Tom, Escondito,
Calif.  (Desi is the beautiful
black/white son of Diva and
Good morning ☀️  Desi has been an absolute delight!
He plays fetch with his bear, goes potty on mats (he doesn’t understand we want him to use the mats
outside yet but hey, one thing at a time), and he can sit.  He had his next round of immunizations and
has been meetings lots of new people. He seems a little leery of children so we are working on that
slowly.  Tom built him a play structure out of PVC and hung toys on it, Desi loves it and spends a lot of
time tugging on things.  He’s very quiet. I’ve heard him bark 3 times. Once when frightened by a water
bottle the wind blew, once when I came home from work and he was so excited, and once in his sleep
(dreaming about the vet no doubt :)  Oh, quick question, we were told he is a short hair, I didn’t know
there was such a thing. Honestly less grooming is a great thing, just wondered if there are any other
traits that go along with that.  Thank you again for our little guy, he is much loved.
Sheila and Tom, Escondito, Calif.  (Desi is the beautiful black/white son of Dive and Bernie).
Hi Nancy, Hope you have been well! Tater Tot has been such a wonderful addition to our family, and we are interested in purchasing
another puppy from you. Do you have any planned upcoming litters?  We would like to place a deposit to reserve a spot, preferably
the first choice if possible. We are fine with waiting until the next litter to reserve the first choice. Please let us know. Thanks!  
Thanks for getting back to us! The increased price is fine with us. We are looking for a male puppy. Do you have any pictures of
Nike and Juno? I wasn't able to find them on your website - but perhaps I am not searching in the right places.
I'll send you another email with pictures of Tater Tot from his daycare. He is such a happy little guy, and all our neighbors love to pet
him when we go on walks.  Thanks, I found the pictures on the website! We would like to place a deposit for first priority pick of a
male puppy from Nike. If Nike doesn't have any males, we are happy with a female as well. We will mail out a check tomorrow for the
$300 deposit.
How old would the puppy be by Christmas? We could probably come pick him up the morning of Friday 12/21. We are hoping to pick
up at around 3 months old similar to last time, if possible.  Tater Tot's pictures from puppy daycare are attached.  Thanks!, Best,
Rosemary and Eric, Irvine, Calif.  (Tater Tot is the adorable multicolor son of Diva and
Below are new pictures of Tater Tot with his friends at puppy daycare.
Mr. Sailor,
Today is Sailor's one year birthday. Here’s his birthday
portrait. He knows sit stay down jump go to your bed
watch me and off. So smart and sweet!  We are going to
start agility training in the fall.  He has a lot of energy,
more than all the other dogs in either obedience class
we’ve taken. Is that more like his mom or his dad? He
Loves to play with other dogs more than anything. So
he has a hard time focusing in class because he just
wants to play. So cute! His trainer thinks agility will be
good for him. He is such a wonderful attentive
companion. He’s going to take his first airplane trip to
Kansas next month. We are taking him to meet his
grandparents. He got neutered a month ago. All is well
and we love him a ton. Thanks so much! He looks just
like Bernie don’t you think?  Nancy and Howard, Long
Beach, Calif.  (Sailor is the beautiful black/white son of
Sally and Bernie)
Hi Nancy,
Just wanted to let you know we made it home safe. Lola did throw up a little once we made it
home. She’s been super calm & playful, so far she hasn’t really cried. She's adapting
wonderfully and she’s been drinking & eating just fine.
Janette and Hunter, San Diego, Calif.  (Lola is the adorable white with black mask daughter of
MaryJane and Bernie)

Hi Nancy,  Thought I would check in. Scout and I
have been doing great! She is so sweet and
her personality is starting to come out... She
did ok with the car ride and has been warming
up to her new environment and playing. I got
her some chew toys to chew on and we've
been playing a lot... I promise to send a photo
of the two of us but for now here is a couple
photos of just her in my backyard...best,
Joanna, Los Angeles, Calif.  (Scout is the
beautiful multi-color daughter of MaryJane and
Hi Nancy,
I wanted to let you know that we are all in love over here...
Aggie is a truly special little dog.  She has settled into our
home very easily. She comes when she’s called, sits, and
lays down with hand signal.  We just adore her!
You were right about her getting car sick, we weren’t
even around the corner from your home...  I haven’t taken
her to visit my mom, but plan to go up tomorrow... I’ll send
you a picture after we get up there.  Sunni, Escondido,
Calif.  (Aggie is the beautiful black/white daughter of
MaryJane and Bernie)
Hi Nancy,  We already miss Zoey.  Please take good care of her until we can take her home with us.  
Thanks!  Daiana and Gregory, La Jolla, Calif.  (Zoey is the beautiful black/white daughter of Sally and
Hi Nancy,  Felina and I had a great time yesterday meeting you and finding our new
little Havi family member! (Paxton) I will send pics along- may take a few e-mails
because of file size.  Thanks again,  Matt and Felina,  Orange, Calif.  (Paxton is the
beautiful little tan and white son of Juno and Bernie.  He just met his new family at
2 wks old.)
Hello Nancy,  Here is a picture we took of
our little guy. It was great to meet you!
Please keep us updated with how he’s
going. Sincerely,  Danielle, San Dimas,
Calif.  (Little guy is the darling son of Sally
and Bernie).

Hi Nancy.  Just wanted to let you know that Poppy is home.  She got sick on the way home a
couple times.  We have her crate set up and the play pen around it.  She has eaten a couple
of times and urinated and had a couple of small bowel movements.  I took her to our vet this
morning as he just happened to being working the Sunday shift.  He said she looked okay
and we got her vac. schedule set up.  I am concerned that she is sleeping a lot and not
playful or affectionate much at all.  Was she active there at your house?  The vet told me to
take her outside in the back and walk her around but she just sat there and did not want to
move,  Any thoughts?  Jackie,Simi Vally, Calif.  (Poppy is the adorable tan/white daughter of
Sally and Bernie).
Thanks Nancy.  I got her some toys, one of which is like a teether for puppies and she loves
to chew on that.  We just had a little playing session with the toys so I feel better that she
seems to be feeling better.  She loves her crate with soft blankets and she slept pretty well
last night.  Every once in a while I will hear her give out a little whine and I go see her right
away when I hear that.  I have her in my upstairs area where I can be with her quite often. I
do not leave her for more than an hour or two at most so she is getting plenty of attention
and love.  I will continue to give her some outside time even if we just sit on one of the
chairs out there.   The vet said I could give her a little bath, just leave her face and ears dry.  
So I will do that tomorrow as well.   The vet asked for a routine fecal sample, which I will turn
in tomorrow and she has an appointment for shots next Monday.  So she is getting good vet
care . I can see where she would  be a little  overwhelmed by the trip and new people and
environment.  She will  get a lot of love and understanding.   The vet also reminded me it
has been a long time since we have had a puppy and we forget how it was in the beginning.  
Thanks for your advice as well.  Jackie, Simi Valley, Calif. ( Poppy is the sweet little tan/white
daughter of Sally and Bernie.)
Poppy is coming along.  She had her first bath today and did well.  She continues to eat well
and drink her water and eliminate.  Her stool test results showed no worms or parasites.  I
am still working on potting training and trying to keep her from howling at night.  She
doesn't like to sleep alone.  I have ordered a snuggle puppy that one of the vet technicians
recommended -  has a little heat pad and ticker (may not use the heat pad).   I will see if this
helps.  If you have any other ideas, let me know.  Will send a picture soon -- probably after
Thanksgiving.    I love her -- she is so cute and very sweet!  Thanks, Jackie, Simi Valley,
Calif.  (Poppy is the beautiful daughter of Bernie and Sally).                                                  

Good morning,
I’ve meaning to
email you to let you
know how much we
enjoy Desi. He has
turned into a
beautiful little dog
that loves walks and
is the perfect
companion when
going with us to
coffee, the office, or
to visit
grandchildren.  We
adore this little guy!
Hello Nancy!  Sorry it took so long to send
these to you!  The next day we were furiously
packing and cleaning to go out of town for
Thanksgiving.  Now that I am having a bit of
time I remembered to email these to you!  He
is just so precious.  The poor guy was so
sleepy haha!  I can’t wait to take him home.  My
husband and I decided to come alone on Dec
16th to pick him up because Gray has a friend
that invited him to play that afternoon - it will
save us an hour and a half if “are we there,
yet?” in the car!  So we will see you at 3:00 on
Dec 16th!
Allison, San Diego, Calif.  (Hawkeye is the
beautiful tan/white son of Juno and Bernie)
Hi Nancy, it’s been a little over 3 weeks now and I just wanted to let you know that Chico is
doing good so far. There’s a huge connection he has with my son and it just seems like they
can’t get enough of each other. We are very happy to have him in our little family. We took
some Xmas family pictures hope you like them.  Thanks!  Hunter and Janette, San Diego, Ca.    
(Chico is the adorable black/white son of Sally and Bernie).
Hi Nancy,  We’re having a great time
with our new little pup. She is lots
of fun. We already registered her on
the AKC website.  Maddy is lots of
fun & full of energy. We’re working
on house training & a little leash
walking around the yard.  Richard
and Janice, Scottsdale, Arizona
(Maddy is the beautiful tan/white
daughter of Nike and Bernie)
Hello, Nancy!
We just talked and
we are going to
bring Zoey to Brazil
with us. My family
wants to meet her
and also we want to
socialize with her
as well. We fall in
love for her and
can’t wait more to
be with her. We are
going to get her
Friday 3pm and
bring her home. Is
that ok for you?
Thank you so much,
Hello, Nancy!
How are you doing?
I want let you know
Zoey is doing great,
we took her to the
vet today and she
is healthy and didn’
t cry to have her
shots. She is such
a brave girl. We are
taking her for
walking because
she has tons of
energy and we are
so tired but happy
with our baby girl.
Hello, Nancy!
How are you doing?
Zoey is doing great,
she is sleeping all
night and eating a
lot. We are really
happy with our
beautiful girl.
Nancy let us know
when will have the
next puppies we
may want one more
girl. We exchange
our trip to Brazil for
February so Zoey
can be a big girl by
the time.
We are really
interested in have
one more girl when
we got back from
Brazil around
March. You told us
you may will have
more puppies in
December so let us
know so we can go
to check the
puppies so I think
by March they will
be ready to go
Thanks and I hope
is everything ok for
you.  Daiana, La
Jolla, Calif. (Zoey is
the beautiful
daughter of Sally
and Bernie)
Hello, Nancy!
How are you doing?
Zoey is growing so
fast.  She is doing
Did the girls had a
Please let us know.
Thanks Daiana
Nancy,  Just a quick update- Paxton made the ride home with no sickness- he was a champ!
The intro to big bro and and big sis went about as expected. Vlady welcomed with open paws
and Ripley the Female was a little standoffish. We thinks she’ll come around in a bit. I’ll
attach a couple pics below- thanks again - we’ll be in touch.  Matt and Felina, Orange, Calif.  
(Paxton is the beautiful son of Juno and Bernie shown below in his new home at 9 wks old.)
We are so thankful everyday for Neville! He is such a healthy,
great boy!  He is now 10 months old and gorgeous!  Merry
Christmas!  Julie and family, La Canada, Calif.  (Neville is the
beautiful black/white son of Sally and Bernie.)
Cowboy Christmas:  Cowboy got his therapy dog
certification when he turned 1 in May, and we've
been busy volunteering at different events and
facilities.  Cowboy is the greatest dog!  Thanks you
and Merry Christmas, Ruth, Henderson, Nevada.  
(Cowboy is the beautiful white/silver son of Bernie
and MaryJane)
Hi Nancy- Two weeks with Paxton and we are beyond thrilled with his demeanor and progress.
Vlady and Ripley have been showing him the ropes and he learns a little more everyday.
He had his first Vet visit last week and did amazing! We are glad to report he is a very healthy
puppy!  Take Care!  Matt and Felina  PS- side note  He pretty much sleeps through the night
and has had minimal accidents in the house because big sis Ripley taught him how to use the
doggy litter box!
Hi Nancy,  Hawkeye is doing so great!  He slept the
entire way home in my arms and didn’t seem to feel sick
at all.  He’s quite taken with Graysen and the feeling is
mutual.  He just follows us everywhere we go!  Right
now he’s sleeping in his bed and snoring a little bit!  He
was playing really hard for a while.  He hasn’t eaten or
wanted to drink anything yet, but that is probably okay
for now.  I’m sure he will be fine tomorrow.  The potty
thing has already been interesting, haha!  It’s hard to
see when he’s going, so tomorrow I’m going to spend a
lot of time with him on that.  He’s quite the little nibbler
of fingers and toes and anything else so we are
encouraging him to chew on the toys we bought him.  He
has a favorite one already!  Happy New Year, Nancy!  
Hawkeye is loving our training and he is a little rockstar!  
We just love him so much already!  Thank you!
Allison, San Diego, Calif.  (Hawkeye is the beautiful son
of Juno and Bernie).
Merry Christmas!  
Hawkeye would not stop
licking Santa’s nose!  
Haha!  This little dog
knows no strangers,
even men with long,
white beards in red
suits! Hawkeye is doing
great!  We love him.  
His favorite thing to do
is run REALLY fast in a
circle-8 around the
yard, right past your leg
and make you try to
catch him.  He LOVES it!  
He’s super fast!
Merry Christmas, Nancy!
Thought you would like to see a
picture of our Sadie. She turned 1
year old on December 8. Sadie is a
great dog- she loves
everyone and other dogs too!  She
is small probably about 9.5 pounds -
a nice size! Thank you for providing
us a great joy!  Take care!    
Laurann,  Scottsdale AZ  (Sadie is
the adorable daughter of MaryJane
and Bernie)
Hello Nancy!  Happy New Year!
Pablo is doing very well. He will be two
January 22. He is so beautiful, sweet, fun
and smart!  I wonder if he reminds you of
Bernie or Sally? I hope all is well there. I am
dreaming of another puppy but not yet
ready...All the Best,  Anna, Merced, Calif.
Hello Nancy, I hope you had a wonderful
holiday! We just wanted to give you an
update on our adorable little Harley. He had
a great ride home, slept most of the way. We
are all absolutely in love with the newest
addition to our family. He has quite the
personality, he’s a very rambunctious little
guy! He’s doing really well with potty
training and he’s already learning to sit.
Harley adores his big sister and wants to be
around her all the time. She’s still adjusting,
but they are getting along better every day.
Everyone thinks he’s the cutest puppy
ever,  and we couldn’t be happier!
Sincerely,   Danielle and Livier,  San Dimas,
Calif.  (Harley is the beautiful white/silver
son of Juno and Bernie)
Hi Nancy- Hope you and your family had a
great New Year!
Paxton is doing great- He had a great time
at the dog park!
15 weeks old 8lbs.
Take care, Matt and Felina, Orange, Calif.
(Paxton is the adorable son of Juno and
Bernie.)  Pictured below with his big
brother and sister at the dog park.
Hi Nancy,  It was a pleasure meeting you
yesterday. We had a lot of fun seeing
the beautiful puppies. Please take care
our little one, you have no idea how
happy the kids are after we went to your
home.  Please if you can send pictures
we will  appreciated.  We are planning to
visit the puppy again in about three
weeks.  Warm regards, Gloria, San
Diego, Calif.   
Hi Nancy!  Our little guy is doing absolutely great!    He’s sleeping totally through the night and hates to wake up. He’s doing really well with the
potty training, too!  I trained him to use a bell to let me know when he needs to go out, which is great because I’m hard of hearing and the bell is
really loud.  Hawkeye likes Graysen the most of all of us.  He generally loves children!!  He is so sweet with all the kids that come over and they
just love him.  Noel is gone for work a lot but since he wanted another child and I can’t do that anymore, he treats Hawkeye like a baby and
Hawkeye just soaks that up!  I have established myself as the alpha pretty quickly so I’m the rule-enforcer but when Noel and Gray are gone
Hawkeye and I run right outside and cuddle on the outdoor lounge chair.  It is his favorite thing to do to take a nap on a soft green blanket we
have.  Ahhh!  He’s such a love!!!!  Hawkeye now has a million toys and I’ve never seen a dog that loves toys as much as he does!  He carefully
pulls all his toys out of his crate one by one and piles them all together on the floor.  It’s so funny!  I can’t remember what size his mom and dad
are and about how big he will be... can you remind me?  He’s growing fast!
I’ve given him a bath, sanitary cut, etc... The only thing I won’t do is his nails because I’m horrible at it so it’s worth the $15 to have someone else
do it for me. Just thought you’d like an update!  We clearly just LOVE him.  Best, Allison, San Diego, Calif.  (Hawkeye is the adorable son of Juno
and Bernie)
Hi Nancy!  We are just loving
Neville so much and can’t
believe he will be one in
February. We just tragically lost
our cat and are considering
another pal for Neville. I was
wondering if Sally and Bernie are
due to have a litter this
winter/spring?  Thank you so
much! Neville was born Feb 24th
I believe so it sounds like the
same time of year. :-) Thanks for
letting me know and I will check
back in. We are so sad about our
kitty. She disappeared out of an
open door and we fear an animal
got her but aren’t really sure
what happened. Neville was so
sad too. He really enjoyed her
and they played well together. I
will give him a hug for sure. :-)
Julie, La Canada, Calif
Hi again! It was so nice to meet you yesterday and pick out my pup. Here are some of the pictures! My mom wants to come visit and
meet him on a weekend in about two weeks, is that okay? Let me know!  Thanks,  Liana, Redlands, Calif.  (This little guy is tje beautiful
son of Diva and Bernie.  He is meeting his new family at 2 wks old.)
Hi Nancy-  Thank you so much for letting us visit today.  We are so thrilled with that
little guy....he is just adorable.  It's going to be a long 5 weeks! :-)  Please keep us
posted on anything fun or send us photos if possible.....we would love to hear
about anything.  This is so exciting for our family!
Great to meet you....thank you again from all of us.  Tiffani,  Newport Beach, Calif.  
(This little guy (Sully) is the adorable son of Diva and Bernie)
Pictures of Kodi and Skipper!  Thank you so much !
Anastasia and Natalie, Carlsbad, Calif.  (Little brother, Kodi, is the beautiful son of
Diva and Bernie.  Big brother, Skipper, is the beautiful son of Nike and Bernie)

Hi Nancy! Sully did super on the way home...slept
some and looked around allot. He is just precious....so
beautiful. He has not peed yet though...we keep
trying. Just looks at us and sits there. We have given
him water...does not want to eat yet. He is super
inquisitive...already introduced him to the bird! Thank
you very much...just thrilled with him.  Tiffani & Family,
Newport Beach, Calif
(Sully is the beautiful tan/white son of Diva and Bernie)
Hello! Nancy,  I am sorry about my delay to
answer I was in Brazil. I would like to know
if you have a girl available?  We would like
to have one more girl.  Zoey is fine she is
going to spaying next week.  Daiana,

Nancy!  Hawkeye is
fast becoming just
about the nicest
dog I’ve ever met!  
He’s such a funny
floofer.  He is
super sweet and
just loves every
person and every
dog we come
across!  He is fully
vaccinated now
and we go on
walks and he
makes friends
everywhere we
go.  He’s
great with kids.  I
usually give him a
bath in the sink
but I decided to
hire a mobile pet
groomer once
every few months
to give him a really
good grooming
and wow he came
out looking like a
star!  He’d better
have for the price
they charge,
though, haha!  
Here’s a photo of
our big, beautiful
boy looking like a
walking teddy
bear.  Someone
saw a photo of him
on Instagram and
reached out to say
“was your dog
born in Hemet on
9/29?  I think my
dog is Hawkeye’s
brother!”  And it
was!  They look
JUST the same
except his brother
is beige and
white.  They are in
Orange.  ����
Hope you are
doing well!  I’m
sure you’re feelin’
the Bern right
about now!  ��.
Allison, San Diego,
Hi Nancy-Sully is doing great...such a sweet little guy.
Trying to get this potty training down!! He slept til 6 this
morning...the first few nights were a little rough..so this
was his longest stretch...yea! We are really enjoying
him. He is super playful & very inquisitive. He loves this
Kong monkey...and carries it around. He is biting and
chewing on everything...including us...
Tiffani, New Port, Beach, Calif.

Hello, Nancy!  How are you doing?
I would like to know if you have
puppies?  Zoey is doing great we
just spayed her and everything
was great.That picture is in an a
borrego. We are doing a lot of
things with Zoey. Nancy how can
we reserve a puppy girl ?
We are trying to get one since your
January litter but you sell it before
can get.  Daiana, La Jolla, Calif.  
(Zoey is the black/white daughter
of Sally and Bernie)
Hi Nancy,  I hope this email finds you
well. Barkey is already adapted to his
new home. He is such an amazing dog;
he is active, smart and playful. We are
all happy with  him, specially the kids.
We will send more pictures in a couple
of months. Regards,  Gloria from San
Diego.  (Barky is the beautiful white/tan
son of Diva and Bernie)
Hi Nancy,  Here are a
few pictures of our little
sweetie that we picked
up last Wednesday. I
have to say, he is
keeping us busy!  We
named him Rocky
because he is all boy.
Very adventurous. We
are both just crazy about
him. Can’t thank you
enough for raising such
a little sweetheart!  We
would also like to know
what shampoo you
recommend as it will be
bath time in a few days.  
Best regards,
Meredith and Carol,
Palm Springs, Calif.  
(Rocky is the adorable
black/white son of Diva
and Bernie)
Good morning
Quick update on Desi,
he is doing very well in
both health and
temperament. We are
absolutely delighted,
thank you for your
thoughtful breeding.
He is clever, potty
trained, and a great
We have a friend that
is interested in a short
haired Havanese.
Please let me know if
you have any
available. Sheila,
Escondito, Calif

Here is a recent photo
of Desi. He decided I
should take him along
and jumped in my
suitcase- lol
Hi Nancy!  Sorry for the delay! Thumper is an absolute doll and everybody loves him. He has never gotten carsick and sleeps through the night in my bed with
NO ACCIDENTS- not even one! He plays very nicely with my sister’s Havanese and my parents’ dogs. Here are some of my favorite photos of him... In the
pictures with the sloth, I just woke up and found him cuddled up with it like that! He’s so funny. He did fantastic at the vet today- FOUR vet techs were fighting
over who got to hold him. I love him so much. I hope you like the pictures as much as I do!   Liana, Redlands, Calif.  (Thumper is the beautiful son of Diva and
Hi Nancy  Thanks for letting us visit today. It was such a pleasure meeting you.  
The boys are so happy. Thank you.  See you June 1.  Christine and family, San
Diego, Calif.  (Lightening is the beautiful black/white son of Sally and Bernie.)
Hi Nancy,  Lightening has had a wonderful first day with some adventure.  
We got a flat tire around Murrieta and ended getting a tow truck ride to San
Diego. Lightening rode on the front seat. No car sickness.
He ate some food after I mixed the wet food. He made two poops outside    I
think he knows where to pee already. He did make some crying sounds at
night but settled down after 4am. He’s such a good puppy. Thank you !
Christine, San Diego, Calif.  (Lightening is the beautiful little black/white son
of Sally and Bernie.)  
In the tow truck:                                   After Lightening's morning poop!:
Hello Nancy,  How are you doing?
We are taking Zoey to NY next week
and in December we are going to
Brazil again. She travels a lot. I love
her so much. She is doing amazing.
She went hiking with us yesterday.  
Did you dog already have puppies?
We are looking forward to see your
puppies and bring Zoey to visit her
mommy.  Daiana, La Jolla, Calif.  (Zoey
is the adorable black/white daughter
of Sally and Bernie.)
Hi Nancy! Hope all is
well. We have been
meaning to send you an
update on our
handsome guy Harley,
but we’ve been just so
busy spending time with
him. He’s grown into
quite the looker with
the sweetest
disposition. Anyone he
meets instantly falls in
love because he is just
so friendly. Every
morning he likes to
wake everyone in the
house up by laying on
our chests and
smothering us with
kisses. He’s also grown
fond of his older sister
Mitzie. They are
inseparable and he has
picked up quickly on
any lessons she’s
taught him such as;
going potty in the right
area, climbing the stairs
and bed, and how to
escape our baby gate in
our family room lol. We
couldn’t be any happier
with the new addition to
our family and continue
to love him more and
more everyday. Thank
you,  The Vega family,
San Dimas, Calif. (Harley
is the beautiful
white/tan son of Juno
and Bernie)
Poco's first grooming.

Poco's new playhouse
Poco's new owner is Greta in
Yorba Linda, Calif.  (Poco is the
beautiful son of Bernie and Juno)
Hi Nancy,

I just wanted to say hi and let you know
how Scout has been doing since next
week is her first birthday! She has been
such a joy to have in my life. She is very
playful and very smart and has charmed
the entire neighborhood. She likes to
patrol our street and alerts me when
new people or new dogs are nearby.
By chance another Havanese is on our
street - a boy puppy who is two months
older then Scout. His name is Clover.
They love to play with each other and
wrestle and chase each other. I can’t
believe she has a best friend that is the
same breed and same age as her.
Thank you again so much!
Best,  Joanna, Los Angeles, Calif.
(Scout is the beautiful white daughter
of MaryJane and Bernie)
Dear Nancy, It was great
to meet you and our
sweet little boy! We
already love him and can’t
wait for the day we can
pick him up! Jacki and
Victor, Mar Vista, Calif.
(Ricky Pickle is the
black/white son of Juno
and Bernie)
Hi Nancy, Thank you so much! My
daughter is still talking about our
visit! We are counting down the
days until we can take her home.
Dena, Murrieta, Calif. (This little
girl is the adorable white/tan
daughter of Juno and Bernie)
Hi Nancy, Lightning has been a very good puppy. He loves the boys and sleeps with them in his crate in their room. He is 90% potty trained for pee and 100% for poop.  He has
gone through the night without a potty break for a month.  Way above my expectations.  He has overcome adversity.  A chair accidentally fell on his front leg and broke it. He
was in a cast and cone for 6 weeks.  He was a happy dog with all that trauma. We are taking him on a trip to Portland. He did well on the plane and loves the beach here.  He’s a
good traveler.  Now that he has had all his shots, he’s working on greeting other dogs and people and not nipping while playing.
We get so many compliments on him everywhere we go. Thank you for such a great addition to our family.  He is such a wonderful dog.
Christine, San Diego, Calif.  (Lightening is the adorable black/white son of Sally and Bernie). Below are pictures of Lightening at 4 1/2 months old and his family.
Good morning Nancy,
We had a pretty good trip home, Ricky did not get sick and stayed in his little crate all the way home. We stopped once and he Peed on the grass!
When we got home, our little rescue Maltese was happier than I’ve ever seen her! She couldn’t stop wagging her tail which I’ve never seen her do and
playing with Ricky. It was actually shocking she was acting like a real dog.
I took him outside and he Peed and then another time he pooped. He only Peed once in the house one time and this morning he’s been out to P3
times he seems to know to go to the sliding door already. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this continues.
We played a lot with him to get him very tired and when it was time to go to bed I put him in his crate which is right next to my bed, he cried a little bit I
put my hand or should I say my fingers through the crate and he cried for about 1 1/2 minutes and then he went to sleep! He slept several hours and
then started to cry I took him out and he Peed again. After that he went back to sleep and slept the rest of the night! He ate just a little last night and
he ate a little bit this morning and he’s drinking water.
I’m going to see if I can get the vet to see him today he has an appointment for Sunday but I want him in there as soon as possible just to check him
out and give me some advice. He let me brush him a little bit I want him to get used to that and I’ve been touching his feet a lot so he can get used to
that as well. He’s a very happy well-adjusted little boy and we love him so much already! Here couple of pictures of him this morning with his bully stick
he loves it and also all his other toys. Thank you so much for giving us this sweet little boy and is soon as I can get a picture of the family with him I will
send it to you. Have fun at your sons dance exhibition and I hope to be in touch with you soon.
Love, Jacki and Victor, Mar Vista, Calif. (Ricky Pickle is the beautiful son of Juno and Bernie)
Good morning Nancy,
Thought I would send you some pictures of Ricky settling into our home. #1 Ricky sleeping with Haley. #2 Ricky with his new favorite
toy “slothy “. #3 Ricky’s first vet visit. #4 Ricky trying to get to Coco. #5 Ricky climbing Chaco
Love him! Feeling a bit housebound until I get him crate trained!  Enjoy �� Jacki, Mar Vista, Calif.  (Ricky is the black/white son of Juno
and Bernie.)
Ollie had one carsick episode.  He drank
and napped most of the 7 hour trip
home.  Like you said, he didn’t want to
eat much.  Once we got home, he ate fine
and had a great night.  He slept through
the night by himself without any trouble.  
Ollie is such a good boy�� Ricky and Nga,
San Jose, Calif.  (Ollie is the beautiful
tan/white son of Juno and Bernie).
Hi Nancy:  Just wanted to give you an update. Prince has
settled well in his new home. He had a little rough ride coming
home yesterday, threw up a few times. But he recovered
quickly after reaching home. He was highly energetic and very
playful today - a complete source of entertainment for the
entire family. We took him for his first vet appointment this
morning. He weighs about 4 lbs and is healthy. Thanking you
for taking care of baby Prince for the last eight weeks. We will
send you some pictures later this week  Avi, NewBerry Park,
Calif.  (Prince is the beautiful tan/white son of Juno and Bernie)
Hi Nancy,
I hope you are going well. Frida
has been settling in well. She
loves to play with the kids and
wants to be next me ALL OF THE
TIME. haha.  Thanks so much! Lucia
Yorba Linda, Calif. (Frida is the
beautiful black/tan daughter of
Lacy and Bernie).
Good Morning Nancy, Kona did great
on the ride home and her first night.
She’s such a good girl Thank you
Christian, Mission Viego, Calif.  (Kona
is the beautiful tan/white daughter of
Juno and Bernie.)
Hi Nancy!  I thought you’d want to see a photo of Hawkeye
these days.  He’s coming up on one year old!  He’s an
amazing pup!  Sometimes he’s a little stinker but wow is he
smart!!!!  He’s my little buddy and we all love him.  We
ended up giving him “teddy bear” haircuts and I can tell
he’s so much happier without having to deal with tangles.  
He gets hot really easily and refuses to pee in any area of
the yard where the sun is shining ����. He’s always keeping
to the shade.  Hope you are well!  Allison, San Diego, Calif.  
(Hawkeye is the adorable son of Juno and Bernie).
Hi Nancy, She did great on our way home. She is observing us from her crate ��  p.s. We are thinking Coco Cabana
for her name.  She is a sweetheart!  Li, Escondito, Calif.  (Coco Cabana is the beautiful tan/white daughter of Juno
and Bernie)
Hi Nancy,
Sorry for the delay in getting this to you.
We picked up my sweet puppy on Sunday at noon and I have
been totally distracted from all responsibilities, including
emailing you.  He is far more fun than chores.
He made the two hour trip to San Diego with no car sickness,
thank goodness.
GUS (named for Gustav Klimt, a favorite artist of my late
husband) is settling into a good sleep routine at night,
hooray. He loves his toys, plays a bit of fetch, and naps by my
feet. I wish I could tell you that potty training in going great
but I cannot lie. We are making a tiny bit of progress in that
area.  My entire family has fallen in love with little GUS so be
assured that he is happy and not short on love or attention.
Judy, El Cajon, Calif.  (Gus is the adorable tan/white son of
Tilly and Bernie).
Enjoy the pics of little Charlie! She is a delight and moved quickly
into all of our hearts!  Tom and Pat, Riverside, Calif.  (Charlie is the
beautiful black/silver daughter of Lacy and Bernie shown below
with her big sister, a silver Labradoodle!)
Hi Nancy,
How are you doing?
I just wanted to let you know that Pepper is a very
healthy and happy little girl! Dean and I feel
blessed to have her in our lives! Pepper is taking
a puppy 101 class, as per picture, and she is
doing great! She loves to learn new things and to
socialize with other dogs.
I attached the results of her genetic testing. She
looks free and clear of any genetic disorders!
You are welcome to share her results with your
clients, if you like.
One of your clients contacted me for a referral
and I told him how happy we were with our
decision purchasing a puppy from you. I hope he
will decide to get a puppy from you!
Best wishes!
Erzsebet, San Marcos, Calif.  (Pepper is the
adorable black/white daughter of Sally and Bernie)
Hi Nancy
Coco is doing great. We have been
crate training and she is doing
great with #2. No accidents in crate
but a couple around house with
peeing. We have tile and laminate
flooring so it’s not a big deal.
Here is a video of her when my kid
practiced her trombone. I thought
you would get a kick out of it.
Btw did you ever apply any topical
flea/heart worm on her ? She likes
being outside in backyard and I
figured might help for us to apply
as preventive.  Hope all is well. We
love her and she has quite an
independent personality ��Li,
Escondito, Calif.  (Coco is the
adorable tan/white daughter of
Juno and Bernie.)
Nancy- We bought Chewy from you
when he was a puppy. We bought
him in May 2015 and have
thoroughly enjoyed him ever
sense.  We are interested in
purchasing another puppy and
wanted to see if you have a
current litter or one coming up.
Let me know when you are able.
Thank you.  Jeff, Ladera, Calif.)
Here are some pics of Kona. She’s growing so fast.
Do you have a new litter available or coming?  My
neighbor is interested.  Have a good weekend.
Christian,  Mission Viego, Calif.  (Kona is the beautiful
tan/white daughter of Juno and Bernie)
We love her, her name is
She did great on the way
She’s doing so well!!
Sleeping almost through the
night and she’s potty
trained!  She has a
veterinarian visit tomorrow.
Bella is doing amazing!! She
will get spayed this next
The kids love her, and Bella
is so attached to my oldest
Have a great day!
Bia, San Clemente, Calif.  
(Bella  is the beautiful little
white daughter of Bernie
and Diva).
Hi Nancy
Coco has grown
so much. She is
probably around
11 lbs and will be
6 months soon.
She loves
sleeping in with
my daughter and
chewing my
shoes ��
Hi Nancy
A family friend met Coco and are looking at
possibly getting a Havanese.
Hi Nancy,
I purchased a dog from you several years
ago and I am looking into buying another
one. I was wondering what dogs you have
available, or if you have any upcoming
Attached is a picture of Hurley. He is 5
now.  Please let me know. Thank you!
Grace, Pacific Palisades, Calif.  (Hurley is
the handsome son of Chewy and Andy)
Hi Nancy,  We adopted a wonderful little
girl from you about a year and a half ago.
Her name is Pepper and she's amazing.
So amazing, that we are starting to think
about getting a second puppy. Just
wondering if/when you will have more
puppies available?
We would like a little black female ��
Thanks so much!  Danah, Santa Barbara,
Hi Nancy
Hope you are doing
well. We introduced
grooming to Coco last
week. She did great!
She just turned 4
months  and love
playing with a tennis
ball. She is one smart
cookie; she obeys the
commands “sit”,
“down” and “come”.  
Li, Escondido, Calif.
Hi there!  Just wanted to send along a few photos of Thumper, one of Diva and Bernie’s puppies from the 12/31/18 litter! He’s doing great. Everybody in my family and at work (I work at
an eyeglass retailer) loves him! I remember thinking he would be brown/sable, but he’s actually turned gray and looks a lot like Bernie! He’s been consistently great with kids and in
public and absolutely loves going with me anywhere and everywhere. He has a wonderful temperament and is definitely a “Velcro dog” who wants to be with me all of the time, but he
does well at home alone when I’m at work with no destructive behavior. I hope you can use some of these photos on your website! Thanks again for my sweet boy!  Liana, Redlands,
Hello Nancy!  Happy New Year.  I wanted to check-in with you and give you an update about
Saul.  He is registered with the AKC as Dr. Jackie’s Mr. Saul.  As you know, he is 29 weeks
tomorrow, and he is 11 lbs and a real bruiser. There is no mistaking that he is a boy.  He is the
sweetest dog I have ever had. And my second Bernese Mountain Dog was an amazing animal,
so that’s saying a lot! He is fun, loves to play, is very interactive, and is highly socialized. He
goes and gets different toys to play with and plays very well by himself in whatever room I’m in.
He makes direct eye contact and understands everything I say.  He could play fetch all day long.
He doesn’t require constant attention, but at quiet times, he is super cuddly.  He loves people
and he isn’t afraid or timid at all. He isn’t aggressive either. He is curious, friendly and very
relaxed. He allows people pet him when he is in the elevator. I don’t worry about him at all
when we are anywhere with people whom he knows or doesn’t know.  He was invited to the
home of friend’s on Christmas Eve and he was a perfect guest. Everyone loved him. I showed
him where I put his pee pad in the laundry room, and he went and peed and pooped on his own
sometime during the evening. No jumping on people or furniture, no begging at the table or
standing eat the edge of the coffee table to get food… he was perfectly behaved.  His
obedience is coming along very well. He is great with SIT, DOWN, SIT STAY and DOWN STAY. He’
s pretty goo with COME. He sits and waits in front of his food bowl until I give him the release
command - TOV. He is pretty good waiting in front of the open door until I give him the CROSS
command to walk into the elevator lobby. And he is better and better staying in his SIT STAY
when I open the front  door for guests.  I’m a big believer in crate training. All my dogs have
been crate trained and Saul is also. He loves his create. I leave the door open all the time
except when I leave and at bedtime. He will often take a toy and go in there when I am drying
my hair in the morning. When I leave the house, the command is TIME TO GUARD THE HOUSE
and he jumps up and walks right into his crate. I always give him a little pet around his ears on
his way in, so if he gets there before me, he waits for me to get there and pet him.   Walking on
the leash has been a huge challenge. And, he hates his collar. He nearly chokes himself getting
the front of the collar lodged in his mouth within 5 minutes of my putting it on. I am always right
there and he is never in any danger. I don’t know how he does it. I decided this morning, that I
will put it on for 5 minutes at a time when he is sitting with me in the evening watching TV. Wish
me luck.  I think he has all his teeth now. The only casualty I had was the small charging cable
for my iPad. Otherwise, he was easily distracted from everything that looked good to chew on
and easily redirected to one of a million chew toys he has. He didn’t chew on a single other
thing.  Four weeks ago he had his first bath and hair cut. I brought in several photos of
Havanese so they could see how to cut him, They did a beautiful job on his body, legs and
paws! Beautiful. They butchered his eye brows and mustache. I told them NOT to cut his eye
brows but the didn’t listen. They cut them straight across so his eyes were behind a shelf. They
squared  his mustache like a Schnauzer. I took him back two weeks ago with more pictures, and
they didn’t cut his eye brows and they understand they are letting his mustache and beard
grow out. He'll go back next week and I am confident they will continue to do a good job. His
has so much hair and it grows so fast! Its unbelievable. His hair is fairly straight, so a regular
puppy cut won’t look cute. He has to be a little longer, I think.  Enjoy the pictures at the bottom
of this email. :)   That’s it for me. I sing your praises all the time, Nancy. This little guy is super
solid; physically, mentally and emotionally! He clearly had an excellent start in life!
Wishing you a wonderful 2020.  Warmly,  Jackie and Saul, Glendale, Calif.  (Saul is the handsome
son of Tilly and Bernie).
Pepper loves her new denim dog bed.  
Erzsebet, San Marcos, Calif. (Pepper is the
beautiful black/white daughter of Sally and
Coco is such a trooper.  
Her temperament is fine. Playful
and affectionate. Li, Escondido,
Calif. (Coco is the beautiful
daughter of Juno and Bernie.)
Nancy,  I hope all is well. I have thought
about sending you e-mails lots of times,
but failed to do so. My in-laws just got a
puppy from you. I am sure they will love
her as much as we love the one we have.
Here are some pictures of Havi, he is the
best dog we have ever had!  Darren,
Southern Calif.  (Havi is the beautiful
black/white son of Sally and Andy)
Hi. Pepper had a nice peaceful ride
home. Thank you so much for
telling me she might vomit. She did
3 times and when I saw it coming I
put the plastic bag close to her
mouth and she literally put her
head in and did her business. I
would have freaked and called you
if you hadn’t warned me. She slept
from 10pm until 4:15 am. Her crate
was dry. She is soooo sweet.
Our little Pepper is so precious.
She is so playful and has a great
appetite.  She is pure joy and
better than watching TV.
Thanks for all the wonderful info. I’
m so lucky I found you. Thank you
Nancy.   Pat, La Cressenta, Calif.  
(Pepper is the adorable black/tan
daughter of Lacy and Bernie).
Hi Nancy,  Thank
you for taking so
much time with us
today showing us
puppies. Cannot
wait to bring Mani
home!  Lisa,
Corona, Calif.  
(Mani is the
beautiful white/tan
daughter of Tilly
and Bernie).
Hi Nancy! Thank you
so much for having us
over to puppy pick
today. It was difficult
in a way as they are all
so cute and sweet,
but you made the
process feel relaxed
and special.  The kids
are thrilled with Carly
and can’t wait to take
her home next month,  
here are a few of our
favorite photos - I’m
not sure which ones I
sent already. Also, I’ll
send one of you
holding her next since
this has too many
already!  Warmly,  
Deanna, Mission
Viego, Calif. (Carly is
the adorable daughter
of Tilly and Bernie).
Hi Nancy,  Week one
has gone really well!
Carly is integrating
quickly and the kids
are giving love around
the clock. She’s all we
could have ever
hoped for and is the
cutest dog we’ve ever
seen, EVER! Training
is slow, but she loves
all of the extra
attention she’s getting
during the lockdown.

I’ve attached a picture
of her on the kids dog
stroller. They never
run out of ways to play
with their new baby! Ha

Thanks and we will
keep you posted!
Deanna, Tom, Paul,
Laura and Carly,
Mission Viego, Calif.  
(Carly is the adorable
black/tan daughter of
Tilly and Bernie).
I Nancy, I hope you and your family
are doing OK. Here is a picture of
our puppy. We called him George
for a couple of days but something
about that just didn't feel right so
now we are calling him Mickey. It is
my mom's nickname.
He is doing great I would say. He
has is vet visit on Tuesday
morning for the next shot. He is as
sweet as the day is long. Champ
and Mickey are taking their time
with each other. Mickey wants to
bite Champ's tail and jump on his
face and Champ does not love that
period.  They do not spend any
time alone together without
supervision so far.
Hope you and all the other dogs
are doing great.  We are so happy
with our new baby.
He did great on the ride.  Great
guidance on the baths.  I don't
usually bath Champ.  Just wanted
to keep up whatever the puppy
was used to.  He's doing great!
We are doing great.  He has
already peed on the paper 3 times
and he's been eating his dog food
drinking water he even pooped on
the paper one time so all is very
good right now thank you so much
bye bye  Mary Pat, Laguna Beach,
Calif.  (Mickey is the beautiful
white/black/tan son of Tilly and

Mickey is fun loving, very curious
and very mischievous. He makes
me laugh. When I was assembling
a desk from IKEA  since I'm
working from home he stole my
screwdriver 3 times!! :)
Hi Nancy,  We made it all the
way to our neighborhood.
Turned onto our street and
she got car sick. Well...we
almost made it!  She warmed
up to us pretty quickly. Ate
some food, checked
everything out and then
turned into a playing machine.
She had so much fun with all of
her new toys and then settled
in to sleep on my lap.
We will send some pics soon.
Already falling in love with this
sweet little girl!  Thanks again,
Lisa, Corona, Calif.
Below are Nick and Vanessa, La Jolla, Calif.  The
proud new "parents"of the adorable tan/white
son of Lacy and Bernie.
Nancy, here's a
photo of the 4 of
us with the puppy
that we will be
naming Bailey!
We are so looking
forward to picking
her up in 3 weeks!
David and Kam,
Seal Beach, Calif.  
(Baily is the cute
little white/black
daughter of Juno
and Bernie)
Nancy!!!  We can’t even begin to express how happy we are that we
found you! You are doing a very special thing supplying such
amazing puppies to the world.
We LOVE Moose!!! He didn’t cry through the night at all and is soooo
well behaved. He even pooped and peed directly on the wee wee
pads last night. We attribute so much of this to your impeccable care
up til now, or perhaps his incredible bloodline as you say. We say it’s
both!  We keep watching amazed at his perfect temperament. Far
beyond what we could ever imagined. He’s so adorable to boot. He’s
perfect. We couldn’t be happier!  Thank you, thank you, thank you
You are a one of a kind breeder and a one of a kind person!
We are so grateful to have Moose as our newest family member. Let’
s for sure stay in touch!  Love,  Ross and Karen,  Marina Del Rey,
Calif.  (Moose is the adorable black/white son of Lacy and Bernie)
Hi Nancy,  Thanks again for
everything!  The little girl, now
named Chuey, is as happy as can
be in her new home.  We’re
working through a routine as we’
ve been up quite a bit with her at
night, but that will come in time.
Pictures attached. I’ll send mire
later.  Thanks again!  Justin, West
Lake Village, Calif.  (Chuey is the
beautiful black/gold daughter of
Lacy and Bernie).
Hi Nancy,  We have some neighbors who are
VERY interested in a Havanese from you.  
We have talked to them extensively.  They
have never owned a “family dog” but seem
very motivated to make it work as they love
Hawkeye.  I think he is going to call you
tomorrow.  His name is Rakesh.  He and his
wife have a 7 and 14 year old.  ��
Just wanted to give you a heads up!
Allison,  San Diego, Calif.  
P.S.  Here’s our beautiful Hawkeye chilling
after a long walk!  (Hawkeye is the sweet son
of Juno and Bernie)
Hi Nancy,  I hope all is well with you and your pups!  
Here are Pepper’s birthday pics.  She is one year
old!  She has grown up to be a very sweet, lovable
dog. She brings us a lot of joy every day. We feel so
lucky to have her in our lives!  Best wishes for you
and your family!  Erzsebet, San Marcos, Calif.
(Pepper is the beautiful black/white daughter of
Sally and Bernie)
Apr 2 · Friends ·
Look who turned
1 today! Pepper
loved her turkey
meatball birthday
cake! She was a
bit scared to blow
out the candle but
loved her cake! ��
Happy Birthday
Hi Nancy,  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Carly! She’s become the
most popular member of the family and has quite the
life. She finished all of her shots 10 days ago and got her
first haircut. That little black puppy has seriously changed!
We went super short because we are heading out camping
and it’s a summer do. It’s too short for sure, but we live and
learn.  We should have gotten 2 ���� Haha We have definitely
fallen in love.  Hope all is well, The Coale family, Mission
Viego, Ca. (Carly is the cute daughter of Tilly and Bernie)
Below are pictures of Carly before and after her first haircut
and with her new family.
Nancy-  Do you have any recent puppies for sale?  You
might recall we bought a brown Havanese from you 5
years ago now and have loved his personality.  
Thanks, Jeff, Southern Calif.
Hi Nancy,
We thought we’d send you a
picture of how much Ellie loves
our older Havanese, Rosie.  Rosie
is 11 yrs. old and she loves to play
with Ellie.  She’s growing like a
weed!  After only 2 days she
started sleeping through the night
and she sleeps with our daughter.  
She is completely potty trained and
rings a bell on our patio to tell us
when she has to go.  We love her.  
Thanks!  Kristina, Rolling Hills
Estates, Calif.  (Ellie is the
beautiful white/tan daughter of
Diva and Bernie.)
Hi Nancy, Our puppy,
Lightning, is now over a year
old. He is such a good dog—
affectionate, easy going,
playful with the kids.  And so
handsome. He’s a recent pic
Are you still breeding
Havanese?  We are looking
for another in a year...maybe a
female this time?
Hope you are well Christine,
San Diego.  (Lightening is the  
handsome black/white son of
Sally and Bernie)
Hi Nancy, It is Laurann in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We
bought a darling black and white female puppy from
you in February 2018. I am sure you don’t
remember us but we adore Sadie.  I am trying to
talk to my husband into a second Puppy.  We are
interested in another female and I would like her to
be mostly black.  Do you have any puppies and
what is your charge for them now?
I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks so
much~~Laurann, Scottsdale, Arizona
Pictured below is Sadie all grown up.  She is the
beautiful black/white daughter of maryJane and
Hi Nancy. Hope
you are enjoying
some sunny days.
Wanted to let you
know that our
little Pepper is
thriving and we
are enjoying her
so much.  We are
managing to get
curbside handoff
from our vet who
is taking great
care of Pepper’s
needs.  Hope you
are staying well.
Thanks for such a
precious pup. So
glad I found you.
Take care.  Pat, La
Cressenta, Calif.
Hi Nancy, Banjo
turned 7 yesterday so
I wanted to send you
some recent pics of
him. He’s still so
mischievous and a
very important part of
our family. He’s quite
the character and
has us all trained
very well. With
summer coming up,
he loves swimming
with the girls and
even plays volleyball!
Whatever we do, he
always demands to
be the center of
attention. I hope you’
re doing well.  
Heather,  Anaheim,
Calif. (Banjo is the
beautiful black/white
son of MaryJane and
Hi Nancy,  A family friend, Mel, is considering
a Havanese. She and her daughter met Coco
and love her temperament.  " We are
absolutely in love with Coco and would love a
mellow companion like her."
Thanks so much, Li, Escondido, Calif. (Co-Co
is the adorable daughter of Juno and Bernie.)
Attaching latest pic of Coco.
Hi Nancy!  Quick update: This the most loved dog
EVER! Carly was spayed at the end of July and hated
her cone of shame, but she’s all good now. She’s
10.4 pounds and still growing maybe?  She’s a
sweetheart. I’ve never seen a dog handle kids so
well. Sometimes, I’m shocked she doesn’t nip or
bite them. She is chill...always!  
Anyhow, I wanted to send an updated photo after
her second haircut. She changes so much!  Hope all’
s well,
Deanna, Tom, Paul, Laura and Carly, Mission Viego,
Calif.  (Carly is the beautiful daughter of Tilly and
Hey Nancy!  Hope you are well. We wanted to send you some photos of
Moose now at 6 months!  He’s the best dog ever - and he has become
quite popular in our building and everywhere we go! We have given out
your information several times :).
We are so thankful we found you! He’s so well-behaved, friendly, and
smart! We attribute it to your fantastic blood line. We love him so much.  
Also, Moose says hi!  With Love,  Ross & Karen, Marina Del Rey, Calif.  
(Moose is the handsome son of Lacy and Bernie shown here at 6 months
old after his first "big boy" haircut)
Hi Nancy,  We love Baxter so much and we want
another Havanese!  Here is a picture of our
beautiful boy all grown up.  Sherri, Temecula, Calif.  
(Baxter is the beautiful son of Andy and Sylvia)
Hi Nancy,  Jupiter made it home fine and napped on our laps.  She cried last night but Chris and I had her
crated in our room and let her out every 3 hrs.  She is responding to us well and following the kids
around. :)  She is adorable and adjusting nicely.  We are in love.  Thank you for our fur baby!  Julie,
Costa Mesa, Calif.  (Jupiter is the adorable black/tan daughter of Tilly and Bernie)

We just love Jupiter!  Thank you for a wonderful dog.  We are even thinking about getting her a friend,
another havanese of course.
Dear Nancy,  The ride home
went smoothly and Luna is
doing well.  Thanks again for
everything.  We love her. ❤️
Everything is going well with
her.  She’s such a good
puppy!  Sharon, Huntington
Beach, Calif.  (Luna is the
adorable black/tan daughter
of Tilly and Bernie.)
Hi Nancy, After less than two days with us, Lacy is
already a loved member of our family and made
herself at home.  While we are suffering from lack of
sleep, she has already brought joy and laughter into
our lives watching her antics and spending quiet
moments with her on our laps.  She has become very
active, exploring everything, and this morning was a
YouTube moment watching her discover her image in
the mirror.  She didn’t get sick on the ride home and
is doing amazingly well with potty training. We think
she’s very smart, but we may be biased doggy
parents.  We went to the vet this morning and the vet
found her to be very healthy.  Thank you for taking
such care of Lacy and I’ll send more photos as she
grows and possibly changes color.  Alicia, OceanSide,
Calif.  (Lacy is the beautiful multicolor daughter of
Tilly and Bernie).
Nancy, Our new little puppy is adjusting nicely! We are
still thinking of what to name him.  He likes to to be
outside on the grass in our backyard and is very playful
too! He likes his chew toys and especially to chase after
a little ball. He is affectionate, is eating, drinking and
sleeping well too!  With much appreciation,  Diane, Oak
Park, Calif.  Below are his pictures.  He is the beautiful
black/white son of Lacy and Bernie)
Hi Nancy,  Just to let you
know Bella is enjoying her
new home and all her new
toys. She is very playful.
Housebreaking is going
very well. She is eating and
drinking with no problem.
Take care and stay well.
Joyce, San Diego, Calif.  
(Bella is the adorable black
daughter of Lacy and
Hi Nancy,  We got home yesterday without Cosmo throwing up in the car.  But when we
arrived home, Chris set him on the grass where he proceeded to lose all his lunch.
Last night he awoke twice, and Chris took him outside to do his business, and then both
times he wants to eat, drink and play.  Of course, he didn’t like the crate last night and
whined and yelped.  Today, however, he seems more adjusted to his new home and is
enjoying life.  We love him!  Thank you again for being so responsive to us as we waited
until the little guy was 8 weeks old.
Here are some photos from yesterday and today:  Thank You Again!
Good morning. Cosmo's brother is also adorable. Thanks for sending pics. He is happy
now. Had a hard time in the night but hopefully tonight will be better. He will get lots of
exercise today because our grandkids are coming over. I moved  the crate from our
bedroom to the family room so Sam could get some sleep and I slept on the couch. ��
He is so sweet and energetic. Love him! ❤  Great talking to you yesterday.
Cosmo is settling in so well. We love him!
Mea Culpa....I did find the AKC registration.  I had put it under my calendar! So sorry for
this! I apologize and blame my foggy brain after first night of interrupted sleep. You were
right! (Cosmo just went in his crate on his own. He is getting so comfortable with his new
home.)   A friend of a friend may be getting in touch with you about getting on a list for
new puppies. I know the Mommy dogs have to rest up before having a new litter. You do
have adorable pups!  ,Sam & Chris, Escondido, Calif. (Cosmo is the beautiful black/white
son of Lacy and Bernie)
Hi Nancy, Thank you again for Krypton!     All 3 of us love him and I
think he loves us too! Potty training has been a bit of a challenge
(as expected) - there are still accidents every day, but I think he's
getting better.   He sleeps well through the night in his crate and
takes a few naps each day.
He sure does have a lot of energy when he is awake!    He is a ton
of fun to play with - although sometimes his favorite toy seems to
be my toes or my flip-flops (working on that!).  The Royal Canin diet
seems to be working fine, although he seems to prefer leaves,
grass, rocks, and other things in the back yard that we're trying to
discourage!  He had his first vet checkup and everything looked
good; he also had his 2nd set of shots.   He was 3.94 lbs at 9 weeks.
Do you have any tips on early potty training or on discouraging him
from biting my toes?   Anyway,  Thanks again for our wonderful new
family member!  William, San Diego, Calif.  (Krypton is the adorable
multi-color son of Tilly and Bernie)
Nancy,  Meet Casper! He is such a happy puppy and friendly
to everyone!  He likes to be outside with us best of all. He
is active, playful, curious and funny ! He is a joy to have.  
The transition to his new home with us has been smooth.
As you know, he’s just about 10 weeks old and sleeps
about 7 hours straight through at night now. He is basically
house trained.  We have pee pads just in case in a specific
area inside and have also learned his cues. On his own
though, he rather go potty outside. Casper runs to the back
door to be let out to go. Here are more pictures of Casper
enjoying his new life! He’s dressed as a bee �� for
Halloween ! His first vet appointment is today.
We look forward to many happy memories with our new
puppy. Thank you again! Sincerely, Diane, Oak Park, Calif.
(Casper is the beautiful black/white son of Lacy and Bernie)
Hi Nancy, Sending you a photo of Lacy
at 3 months.  Looks like her body will be
gold with white markings and perhaps
some black on her tail, ears and muzzle.  
She’s incredibly active and curious and
keeps  us very busy and often makes us
laugh.  She loves people and we hope
to expose her to other puppies at her
first puppy class this Saturday.  Will
update you after she gets her first
haircut.  Thank you for Lacy.  Best,  
Alicia,  Oceanside, Calif..
Hi Nancy!  I hope you're all doing well!  It's hard to believe we've only had Pips for 10 days!  He's such
a huge part of our life, and we all love him so much!  He's getting along really well with all our fur
babies: our lab and 2 cats!  Thank you so much for him!  Here's a bunch of pics!
Also, how's Diva doing?  Did she have her pups?  Are they all doing well?  Thank you again!  We love
him soooo much!  Miriam, Los Angeles, Calif.  (Pips is the adorable tan/white son of Nike and Bernie)
Nancy, Casper went to the vet
on October 18th and is doing
great! He goes back to the vet
November 5th. We just adore
having him!
Can you tell me the best way to
bathe him? He had his first
bath this afternoon in the sink.
We brushed him first in case of
snarls and brushed him
afterwards too.  We wrapped
him in towels afterwards and
frequently changed towels
once they became damp.
Should we clean his ears? We
didn’t this time. Also should we
use a blow dryer on a gentle
setting? We didn’t this time but
he was really shivering for
awhile. Any advice you have is
appreciated.  Thank you.
Cosmo’s owner, Christine and
I, have been in touch and
exchanging pictures of our
new precious puppies! They
look identical!!!
Thank you for sending her
contact information.
Diane, Oak Park, Calif.  (Casper
and Cosmo are twin black/white
sons of Lacy and Bernie).

Hi Nancy,  Just wanted to give you an update on our
puppy, Lulu, since leaving your house. She was a perfect
angel the whole way home. Did not get car sick and did
not make a peep the entire ride home. She has been a lot
of fun for the kids to play with at home, but once we put
her in her confined puppy area she whimpers and whines
a lot. We are trying to ignore this so she can get used to
us walking away for a short bit. She figured out yesterday
how to get out of the confined area, so I’ve ordered a
different puppy play pen that I hope will contain her
better. She also wants to play at 2-3am and then again at
6am, so it will take some time for us to figure out the night
routine but she is certainly cute as can be!  Have a
wonderful Thanksgiving!  Sincerely, Angela & Family,
Clovis, Calif.  (Lulu is the adorable black/white daughter
of Juno and Bernie).
Hi Nancy,  Just to let you know
Bella is three months old today!
She is progressing nicely, but she
really is a ball of energy!
Love her so much.�� Take care,
Joyce, San Diego, Calif.  (Bella is
the beautiful black/white daughter
of Lacy and Bernie).
Nancy, Miko slept through the night she is such a
little bundle of joy!  We are having a great time with
her, she’s very playful! How long does the teething
last?  Thanks, Jeff, Desert Hot Springs, Calif.
(Miko is the beautiful black/white daughter of Juno
and Bernie)
Happy Holidays Nancy! Hope all is
well. Here are recent pics of Coco.
She loves car rides!  Li, Escondido,
Calif.  (CoCo is the beautiful daughter
of Juno and Bernie)
Hi Nancy!  It’s been almost a year since Carly was born
and she has added so much to our family. This little girl owns
all of our hearts. From a Mom that never wanted a dog, I’m
thrilled we took the plunge. Here are a few photos taken this
past week. She literally goes everywhere we do! Haha  Hope
all is well. Tom keeps thinking about a second...he’s working
on me.�� Happy Holidays!  Deanna, Tom, Paul, Laura & Carly
Mission Viego, Calif.  (Carly is the adorable daughter of Tilly
and Bernie)
Hi Nancy, Lacy is now 4 months old and just got
her first grooming.  And a new puppy emerged!
Now she’s mainly gold in color as you can see
in the photo.  We think she looks adorable!  
She’s doing well and has become my Velcro
dog.  She’s still very active and gets into
everything so she keeps us busy. She loves
people and other dogs and gets very excited
meeting them — sometimes a little too much.  
Wishing you Happy Holidays and a better 2021
for all of us.  Best, Alicia, Oceanside, Ca.  (Lacy
is the beautiful gold daughter of Tilly and
Nancy,  Casper is a true joy! He’s
all ready for Santa!  Thanks again,
Diane, Oak Park, Calif.  (Casper is
the beautiful black/white son of
Lacy and Bernie)
Hi Nancy,  I wanted to check in and let you know how well Cisco
has been settling in.  He had a lot of separation crying the first
few nights but now he is actually sleeping through the night!  
He usually gets up around 5 or 6am when I do.  He has gotten
used to going to the door and ringing the bell when he needs
to potty and is doing really well with hand feeding and a few
simple commands.  It is amazing how smart these Havanese
are.  And so incredibly cuddly.  He cycles between naps,
terrorizing his play toys and snuggling in our laps.
A few other updates:
1) he just had his vet visit and next shots, and has the
heartworm and flea/tick meds lined up for this week.  At what
age do you recommend the neutering?  The vet said anywhere
between 6 months to 1.5 years.
2) my allergies aren’t too bothered by him, but I have
occasionally started using my inhaler again for my asthma
which seems to be present at the end of a long day of
handling.  My daughter hides her occasional sneeze because
she is afraid to be sensitive to him.  But I assured her that he is
a permanent member of the house and we would just bath him
regularly.  Do you think a bath once per week is too often?
3) Cisco has his own Instagram page, so feel free to visit and
use any of the pictures that are posted there on your own
website.  He was a huge hit with the Vets office in his new
Christmas sweater.


Thanks again for all your help.  I hope you had a wonderful
Christmas.  Good luck with your next litter.  Also, I definitely
want to get on your wait list for a 2nd puppy in about a year.  So
should I sign up now?  I’d like to see about getting an apricot
or chocolate long hair, just for contrast.  But I know these are
rare, so am asking now! OK, all the best and Happy New Year.
Adrian, Diane, and Amelia, Carlsbad, Calif.  (Cisco is the
beautiful black/white son of Diva and Bernie.  He is a rare
Shavanese or Satin Havanese.  Check out his instagram page
for pictures).
Nancy , Hope all is well with
you. Casper is a wonderful
addition to our family! He’s
very bright,  adorable and so
much fun!  Thanks for
putting me in touch with the
owners of  Casper’s litter
mate brother Cosmo. We
stay in touch which is nice.
Thank you, Diane, Oak Park,
Hi Nancy,  Hope your winter is going well. I’ve attached a photo
of Lulu and her “twin” cousin Ringo (he is 1 year old) at
Christmas time as well as her recent graduation from “puppy
School” ��.
I am feeling really confused about when to have her spayed.
The vet says any time- the sooner the better. Other things I’ve
read say that your Havanese should have had her first heat or
else she can get more anxious and aggressive after being
spayed too early. Other advice says that after 6 months
is good and that generally Havanese go into heat around 8
months. When did Lulu’s Mama go into her first heat? I
really do not want to her to become more anxious after being
spayed. Also, how much did her mother and father weigh? Just
curious about her growth progression. I would really appreciate
your thoughts and advice- Thank you. Sincerely, Angela,
Clovis, Calif.  Thanks so much for your help and advice Nancy!
Hi Nancy. Just wanted to send you
a couple of photos of four month
old Miko  She’s a very happy
puppy who has settled into our
home and stolen our hearts. She’s
mischievous, but also very loving
and sweet! While  she does not
look like a typical Havanese , I
think we can all agree that she is
adorable.  Fond regards, Jeff and
Francie, Desert Hot Springs, Calif.
Miko is a darling black/white rare
Shavanese or Satin Havanese,
daughter of Juno and Bernie. She
is very low-maintenance and
requires very little grooming).
Hi Nancy,  I meant to update sooner but it's been a crazy year, as we all
know. Our little girl Maní turned one today!! Thought I'd share the pics
I posted on the Havanese page I joined on Facebook.  Maní is a funny,
smart, mischievous and loving little girl. We are soo happy to have
her in our family!!  Hope you are well, and thanks again for our little
baby!!  Lisa, Corona, Calif.  (Mani is the adorabe tan/white daughter of
Tilly and Bernie).
Thanks for your email.  It is so great to see
pictures of Miko - she is adorable!  Cisco is still
doing very well.  Our vet said it was ok for him to
play with our neighbors dogs and he is best
friends with a Dachshound and a Belgian who
live next door.  They roll around in the grass
together almost every day.  We feel like we got
the best puppy, he jumps up and down every
morning when my daughter comes down stairs.  
He is so delighted to see her and she him!  Feel
free to pass along Cisco's instagram page to
Miko's family  I hope you and your family are well
and having a happy new year.  All the best,
Adrian, Carlsbad, Calif.